MOD Pizza – Mega Dough Review

Pizza is my favorite food, so when I got an invitation to try the new Mega Dough at MOD Pizza we went as quickly as we could!  This was our first visit and we were pleased to have a gift card to enjoy dinner and offer a restaurant review.

MOD Pizza Review

As soon as I opened the front door I was warmly greeted by the team saying hi, smiling and waving.  They were eagerly waiting behind fresh ingredients to make a pizza exactly how each of us wanted.

MOD Pizza employees

Before we placed our order we spent some time looking over the menu board.  I had decided to order a ‘caspian’ pizza with bbq sauce, mozzarella, grilled chicken and gorgonzola, but the person in front of me ordered a ‘dillon james’.  When I looked at the menu board again I requested a ‘dillon james’ with red sauce, garlic, fresh chopped basil, mozzarella, tomatoes and asiago.

MOD Pizza menu

While I choose a classic pizza I was still able to add whatever toppings I wanted for no additional charge, so I requested mushrooms!

Dillon James Pizza

I LOVED the pizza and the mega dough, which has twice as much fresh pressed dough as the standard MOD pizza.  I also LOVED the house-made lemonade.  There was a regular lemonade and a berry lemonade which I got.  Let’s just say I took advantage of the free refills!

My husband chose the ‘mad dog’ pizza with red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, mild sausage and ground beef on the classic crust.  He also added mushrooms.  He really liked his pizza, but he was really impressed with the uniqueness of the flavors and how well they fit together with the Mega Dough crust in my ‘dillon james’.

We were actually late to the tasting because one of the pig drinking fountains in a pig pen on the farm wasn’t working quite right.  And it doesn’t matter if we’re hungry or not, the animals come first. Since fixing the pigs’ waterer wasn’t an easy job for my husband, he was excited about getting a milkshake.  And I was excited about trying some – I mean that’s what the public expects of a review.  The milkshake was VERY creamy and delicious!  If calories were a non issue in my life I would’ve gotten one of my own after trying a sample of his!

MOD Mad Dog Pizza

We have a son who you might notice is not the most adventurous eater.  He is however a critic of all food and he ate his ENTIRE 6′ mini pizza with pepperoni and cheese.  That is a huge statement regarding what he thought about his pizza.  He did let his wild side show by having a blue Powerade 🙂

kids pizza at MOD pizza

Taking kids in public to eat can be a challenging experience, but MOD Pizza made it as easy as possible to eat out with a family.  My husband easily found a table and high chair and got settled in with our infant while our bouncy son enjoyed watching the pizzas being made and put into and taken out of the fire.

fresh ingredients at MOD pizza

We wanted to do the best job that we could reviewing MOD Pizza and that meant we had to try a velvety cream-filled, no name cake.  We got one and the fourth grader divided it in thirds (the baby is too young to know what she’s missing).  I liked it, but I would rather use my calories on a milkshake.

no name cake

We visited the Pickerington location on Hill Road North and our bill was $33.06 plus a tip.  Each store has a Facebook page with specials and great offers.  An employee was telling me how one day a month they give free pizzas to people wearing scrubs, or teachers, or people in the military.  Today is a snow day for many schools and I noticed that some locations are offering free mini pizzas to kids.  He also reinforced how important the company culture is to support local communities, fundraisers and be a good place of employment.

I asked my husband what he thought and he said, “It would be a nice place to take visitors.”    Most of his family lives two hours away, so it’s nice to have a unique place to take them for a meal while visiting.  Our family had a very enjoyable meal and experience at MOD Pizza.  Our family had a great experience and we will definitely go back to MOD Pizza!

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