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Welcome to, a perspective of living, loving and eating on the farm, right here in the heart of Ohio.  I’m Jennifer Osterholt. I began my blog in 2011 to share about my experiences living and working on a farm and to offer encouragement to others after struggling through a few years as a single parent.  While plowing through life, I found myself face-to-face with the best thing that could ever happen to me — I met my husband Joe and we have expanded our family.  Professionally, I am a strategic marketing consultant, speaker and social influencer.

Agriculture runs deep

When I was a toddler, my grandpa tried to help my mother by purchasing a playpen to place me in as she did chores in the pig birthing barn (a.k.a. farrowing house). Eventually, I learned to tip the pen over and inserted myself into those chores. Being around animals became a cornerstone of my upbringing.

I still enjoy working on the farm.  I’m blessed to have a nine year old boy who lives, breathes and sleeps farming.  {It’s true he talks about farming in his sleep.}  We’re very grateful to have added a little girl to our family in 2016.

I’m proud to have grown up in a setting that cultivated such a close connection with food. On occasion, I forget how few people shared in my experiences.  One of my missions is to continue identifying ways for people like me to share our farm stories with those who are interested in conversing.

My family raises pigs, beef cattle, corn, soybeans, wheat and hay on the edge of the rural and suburban interface, so I understand first hand how many questions people have about how food, farmers and farming.  My husband owns and operates a small farm in eastern Indiana.  His family takes care of pigs and turkeys on contract just across the state line in western Ohio.  He works with them to raise corn and soybeans.

My goals

I am passionate about the importance of sharing your story and connection to food and farming, whether it’s at the grocery store in individual conversations or on social media.  I’ve seen first hand how several farmers have hosted farm tours and built online relationships that are very good for agriculture.  I have helped peers develop and implement social media strategy.  I’ve been a leader in sharing agriculture videos online, and I currently lead hundreds of students on virtual field trips to farms on a monthly basis.  I’m honored to have been named a farmer to follow on social media.  

As an active Farm Bureau county board member, 4-H and PTO volunteer I understand the time and dedication needed to make organizations successful.  I can encourage volunteers and remind them of the importance of their work.  I can share from personal experiences that have been very difficult that there is always hope.  Please contact me to discuss other keynote speeches or panel conversations that you may be considering.

I welcome respectful questions and comments.

Thanks for stopping by!  ~Jennifer Osterholt

contact me at: jenosterholt at gmail dot com

6 thoughts on “Jennifer”

  1. I really enjoyed reading some of the posts on your blog today! I learned a lot about “the farm” and life over there. Keep ’em coming- they’re very well done. It’s far aways from the NYC life I grew up knowing. Bet you thought I wouldn’t take a look! Also, the famers and i grow it video was pretty funny!

  2. Hello Jennifer
    I was reading this blog of yours and have to say it seems your doing great. I too lost my wife after 10 years together. Time does help but sometimes the hurt comes back so grab the little farmer and give him a hug. I love farm life and hope to get back to it soon
    So good luck to you and yours.

  3. Hello Jennifer
    Hope your doing great. I had to say hi I lost my wife years ago but the memories are still alive. Its good to think of them once in a while. As you go find another significant other. Your boy is real neat as well

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