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As livestock farmers somebody has to do chores twice a day on the farm.  Morning chores take quite a bit more time than evening chores, so we’re not in the habit of going to brunch.  One of the perks of my husband working with my family is that they can help cover chores for each other when another person wants some time off. 

When I got my first group invitation from the Columbus Food Bloggers to enjoy brunch at Condado’s we were pumped! We always enjoy offering our restaurant reviews to help others know where and what to try.

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Tips on How to do Brunch at Condados

Start with tortilla chips and queso.  Creamy, delicious queso.  When you dip your chip in the queso be serious about it.  Don’t just dip a corner, dip an entire edge of a chip.  Otherwise you’ll be disappointed in yourself.

the best tortilla chips with queso at Condados

My husband, aka the Turkey Farmer, is an adventurous eater.  He’ll try about anything.  I’m much more careful, conservative, okay I’m a picky eater.  Condado’s is a perfect restaurant for people like us because you can fill out your own taco order with as many or as few toppings as you’d like.  Since making a decision may take some time, order a drink and enjoy some more tortilla chips and queso while you plan the perfect combination from the menu.

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We each got a tequilamosa and loved them!  Good news, the tequilamosa goes great with queso!

I know this is embarrassing, but I didn’t eat tacos as a kid because I thought I didn’t like them.  Well if I would have had a double decker shell with queso in the middle I guarantee I would’ve eaten tacos often and loved it!  Spoiler alert – I ordered the Ju-Ju shell which is a flour soft + corn hard + queso + chorizo – and I LOVED the queso.

condado taco order

Since it was brunch I ordered one taco and one packed bowl.  I’ve found that the quality of a restaurant can often be determined by the quality of the bacon.  This informal test held up.  The bacon was thick and delicious on the packed bowl.  The queso sprinkled on top didn’t hurt anything either.  I added sauteed peppers and onions and tomatoes and had a very nice mild brunch dish.

brunch taco and packed bowl

 I’m proud to report that I tried new things!  At the suggestion of someone else in the group I tried the habanero/mango bbq sauce which had a rating of two flames and I enjoyed it.  I fear hot food, and the sauce had a little kick, but it was very enjoyable!

The Turkey Farmer ordered the featured double decker firecracker shell with with a spicy combination of chili powder, garlic and cayenne off of the secret menu.  He ordered the new double decker firecracker shell as the inside layer in a double decker taco.  Of course the name intimidated me, but I really liked it!  The firecracker shell had a nice little kick, but not as much as the habanero/mango bbq sauce.  I would definitely order this next time.  Ask your server how to order a firecracker shell and about other items on the secret menu.

firecracker taco shell

We had a great meal and certainly enjoyed the time together without kiddos, but we will absolutely bring the kiddos back to Condados.

condados clintonville

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