Dos & Don’ts for Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld is one of the most popular restaurants that provides a unique experience based on the movie Beauty and the Beast.

The restaurant is themed as the Beast’s castle. It was formerly a quick service restaurant but since 2020 has become table service for every meal of the day.

Grand entrance to Be Our Guest Restaurant in Fantasyland of the Magic Kingdom

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All About Be Our Guest Restaurant

DO plan ahead to eat at Be Our Guest! Reservations can be made 60 days prior to the first day of your visit to the Walt Disney World Resort. Make reservations as soon as you are able as they are typically difficult to get, even a few months out from your visit!

DO plan to have a ticket to visit the Magic Kingdom as Be Our Guest (BOG) is in Fantasyland behind Cinderella’s castle in the Magic Kingdom.

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DON’T give up if you can’t find a reservation the first time you check.  

DO try to plan a BOG meal reservation for 30 minutes before the rides open OR after that 2 hour opening time period when lines in the park are shortest. The first couple of hours after the park opens will be your most productive hours of the day, so I would avoid making a meal reservation during that time.

DON’T rush your meal. Take time to observe the theme and detail inside the restaurant that make it a great experience.

DO make reservations AND order your food online a couple of weeks before your visit (this was a pre 2020 tip). It will save a lot of time when you are in the park.

Collage of pictures inside Be Our Guest Restaurant

DO keep checking on your app and on a desktop for a BOG reservation.  Dining reservations can be canceled up to 24 hours ahead of time without a penalty. Many people make multiple reservations and cancel some of them last minute.

DON’T try to eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table and this restaurant in the same day at the park as the portions are very filling at each place!

DO check for reservations the night before or morning of your Magic Kingdom visit. There may be a few reservations that free up within 24 hours of the time you would like to visit. 

DON’T be intimidated by a French-themed restaurant. There is some French-style cuisine, but there are also some more traditional United States options.

Getting the Most for Your Money in 2023

DO save your money and know this meal and experience will be unique and expensive. For two adults ($67 each) and two children ($39 each) with this lunch menu and no additional drinks, just taxes and a tip our bill was $245 (in 2022). For 1 adult and 1 child our all inclusive cost for dinner was $132 (in September 2023). Prices do seem to climb each year.

DO save money for dessert. It’s definitely the course with the most magic for kids and adults!

DON’T think anyone will get left out from enjoying the grey stuff! Here’s the adult dessert plate.

Assorted adult dessert plate including grey stuff, chocolate truffle and raspberry cookie

DON’T expect the cost to be food only. You are definitely paying for the experience of eating in a castle, which is quite magical.

DO expect a variety of quality food.

DON’T expect to be seated immediately….but you will probably have some time to look for the hidden Mickey in this picture!

Hidden Mickey above soldier in foyer of Be Our Guest Restaurant

DO expect to be greeted and told an enchanting tale as you are being seated.

DON’T expect to get personal interaction from the beast other than a wave.

Beast walking by and waking at be our guest

DO talk to the other people in your party, if budget is a concern you can easily skip this meal and enjoy a wonderful day at the Magic Kingdom.

DO expect kids to giggle about eating French fries in a French themed restaurant. Here is the kids meal my daughter got and she loved it.

Mac and cheese with seasonal vegetable and French fries

Be Our Guest Restaurant Lunch Menu

Even with picky eaters in our group we all found something to enjoy from the lunch menu.

Shortly after taking the drink order our server brought rolls and butter to the table.

For the first course I loved the country salad with fancy things on top that I don’t usually eat on make at home salads. Great treat! My friend also enjoyed the lobster bisque.

The kids get a meat and cheese plate for this course.

Kids fruit and cheese plate

I absolutely loved the filet mignon. It was served warm and perfectly prepared! My friend got the fish.

Again, this was a wonderful meal, but the cost is certainly higher because of the atmosphere and eating in a castle inside the Magic Kingdom. As long as you know the price before going in and are prepared to pay the meal is enjoyable!

Making the Most of $ Spent at Be Our Guest PRIOR to March 2020

DO know that breakfast is more expensive than lunch and dinner is quite a bit more expensive than any of the other meals.

DON’T feel like you have to order a meal for everyone in your party. We ordered 3 meals for 4 of us to share and our friends ordered 2 meals for 3 of them to share. We both have a young kid that can be a light eater. There were no problems or concerns with this strategy.

DO share a meal to save money and calories at Be Our Guest!

DO purchase OR use at least one snack credit to try the Master’s Cupcake featuring the “Grey Stuff”…it’s delicious, don’t believe me ask the dishes! My husband is VERY budget conscious and he ALWAYS indulges in this special experience!

Grey Stuff on The Master's Cupcake at Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disney World

DON’T expect the Master’s Cupcake featuring the “Grey Stuff” to be more than a really good chocolate cupcake.

DO enjoy a special treat or snack on vacation. Restaurants like Be Our Guest at WDW have great options.

DON’T expect to get 10% off of your breakfast or lunch purchase when using a Disney credit card. This discount does not qualify for the Quick Service meals, but does apply at dinner when the restaurant become table service and quite a bit more pricey.

DO use a quick-serve dining credit for breakfast or lunch. This is one of the BEST values for using a quick-serve dining credit.

DO know that breakfast costs more than lunch, so use a dining credit for breakfast to get the most bang for your buck. We have used a dining credit from a meal plan and we have paid with a credit card.

Do know that fountain drinks, milk or juice and pastries are included in the cost of the breakfast meal, but always check to confirm because policies and pricing change all of the time.

When is the Best Time to Visit Be Our Guest?

DO plan your visit strategically.  In January 2020 we had one day at the park before going on a Disney Cruise. The Magic Kingdom opened at 9 a.m., we arrived at the park by 8:30 a.m. to get pictures in front of the castle. We had Fast Pass + booked for 9:40 a.m., 10:40 a.m. and 11:40 a.m. We used the first 1.5 hours to get on as many rides in Fantasyland as possible and then went to our 10:25 a.m. Be Our Guest Reservation to rest for a bit and enjoy breakfast.

DO allow time to take in the ambiance. Sit in awe at the detail and beauty of the outside as well as each of the 3 sections inside the restaurant.

DON’T expect the experience to take any less time than 35 – 45 minutes. If you don’t want to take that much time away from the park I would look into other meal options.

DO visit the darker west wing and take a look at the rose.

DON’T wait in a long line to get a picture of the rose because it’s so dark they don’t typically turn out very well. The line has always been long when we’ve visited.

Dos and Don'ts with tips for Be Our Guest Restaurant collage

Be Our Guest Restaurant Review 2020

DON’T be afraid to ask for assistance if the service is disappointing. Our first two visits in 2018 were excellent with our food being served within minutes of finding a table. In January 2020 our food didn’t arrive for almost 30 minutes. After 15 minutes I went and asked for milk at a minimum because my 3-year-old was falling apart. When the food still took a long time I asked for the manager and he gave us all a multiple Fast Pass + which allowed us to go on the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. He also gave us directions to be able to come back and meet the Beast at dinner which was unbelievably magic!

I DON’T want to be a complainer or always on the hunt for “free stuff” but I also didn’t pay McDonald’s prices for breakfast that morning, so I kindly shared my experience. It’s the Disney difference, making things right is what they do and they have many ways to be able to do that!

DON’T miss the chance to meet the beast at least once. Be Our Guest during dinner is the only place at the Magic Kindgom that you can meet the Beast. Meeting him in his castle is truly special.

The Beast meeting guests at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Walt Disney World

DON’T worry if you miss a Fast Pass + time frame while dining at Be Our Guest, as long as it is not for Peter Pan or 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. The staff can help

DO check out our Do’s and Don’ts for a Disney Cruise! Beauty and the Beast is the featured show on the Disney Dream, so pairing the experiences was a lot of fun!

DO know that lunch is the most economical meal of the day, breakfast is second and dinner will be a much more pricey investment.

DO use the time at BOG to sit down and cool off.  Plan at least 35 minutes to get your food and eat. 

DO go to Enchanted Tales with Belle right after dining to extend the special experience.

Menu outside of Be Our Guest Restaurant January 2020

A Sampling of the Breakfast Menu

We have enjoyed breakfast and lunch at Be Our Guest restaurant. We always find the portions to be very filling with a little food leftover.

Here are pictures of the food we ordered for breakfast. From left to right is the Assorted Cured Meats & Cheese, kid’s meal of Fifi’s French Toast, Croque Madame, Feast A La Gaston and the plate of pastries that are served with the meal.

Plates of food served at breakfast along with pastries at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Adult breakfast meals are just under $30 and kids meals are $15 to $20 each, but they include a drink and pastries. Our receipts were taken and not returned at the restaurant and I can’t seem to find a way to see our receipt in our app.

Just like I do at Chef Mickey’s I like to pack a few clean ziplock baggies in our park bag so I can take along any extra food from the kid’s meal and the extra pastries. Our kids are usually hungry a couple of hours after each meal, so I can pull out this food to save purchasing another snack.

We also don’t typically budget very much for souvenirs at the park, so we look for an item or two that we can use like the cheaper souvenir cups that were $5 each.

$5 Souvenir cups from Be Our Guest restaurant with Belle and the Beast dancing

While we still have several restaurants left to try we do really enjoy dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

Without hesitation, we recommend that others should try this restaurant experience too!

What Does BOG Mean at Disney?

BOG is an abbreviation for Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.



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