Cinderella’s Royal Table Review

A royal banquet meal inside the castle at Walt Disney World is a special restaurant called Cinderella’s Royal Table. Here is our family’s review of our experience.

An upscale table service dining experience at breakfast, lunch or dinner where the atmosphere is likely unmatched to any other experience you’ve had. You’re treated as royalty and served fine food.

Majestic rotunda with lots of tables and fancy carpet for guests to enjoy Cinderella's Royal Table Restaurant.

About Cinderella’s Royal Table Restaurant

After being greeted as “My Lord” and “My Lady” or “Prince” and “Princess” by cast members in costume as castle workers you enter tall wooden doors into a grand castle. Before long Cinderella greets the guests and takes pictures.

Then you’re whisked up a winding staircase past a stained glass window featuring Cinderella to a majestic banquet hall in the clouds. 

If you’re lucky enough to dine by the windows in Disney’s Cinderella’s Royal Table Restaurant you’ll see a fantastic view of Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. Being inside the Magic Kingdom you will need a park ticket for the day.

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In our Cinderella’s Royal Table Review it is important to remember that you feel PART of the movie or experience at this meal where at other character meals it feels like you have an up close seat to WATCH the movie.

Wide view of the room inside the castle at Disney's Magic Kingdom where Cinderella is greeting guests and signing autographs

Knowing that you need to get reservations 60 days ahead of your visit and that payment is due at the time you make reservations we planned ahead. We budgeted for the meal by cutting back on Christmas gifts to be able to provide this meal.

Little princesses will especially enjoy the experience. It was especially fun for my husband and I to see our daughter take in the castle, Cinderella and her special banquet hall.

Reasons to Eat at CRT:

  • Dining inside the castle, the centerpiece of Walt Disney World feels very magical
  • You like an easy way to relax in the middle of a busy park day without a lot of extra walking
  • You’ve already tried Be Our Guest and want to do something new at WDW after a few trips
  • A uniquely Disney atmosphere that most of us are unlikely to experience elsewhere 
  • Quality of service is excellent 
  • Filling portions of high quality food
  • Rain is coming and this is a great (yet costly) escape for about an hour and a half to two hours 
  • Celebrating a special occasion with fine dining and an excellent choice of wines including a champagne flight sold exclusively at the Walt Disney World resort
Thin tall stained glass window with Cinderella's bust in the stairway of a turret in the castle at Disney World

Reasons to Skip CRT

  • You have a short trip and time in the park is precious 
  • If the price makes you uncomfortable skip the reservation and save this experience until another visit
  • You can’t do it all at Disney- wait until next time to eat here will afford you other opportunities on your visit
  • If nothing on the menu appeals to you save your money and do something else that you find more appealing as the menu is limited
  • While this is wonderful, it’s not worth racking up credit card debt over

Lunch Review of Cinderella’s Royal Table

While the food is excellent you are very much paying for the location, experience and Disney touch more than just the food. Keep that in mind as you plan your lunch, breakfast or dinner.

There are three courses. Adults begin with soup, salad or mussels.

Kids have a few options as well. Our daughter chose apple slices.

Soup of the day and castle salad with citrus flavors served with child slices of apples

The kids meals are much higher quality than those offered in the food court at Port Orleans Riverside or the Caribbean Beach Resort.

Fried chicken served on mashed potatoes with a side of macaroni and cheese and a small cup of ketchup

Both of the adults in our party absolutely love the beef tenderloin. It was a great cut of meat that was very well prepared.

Beef tenderloin on mashed potatoes with crispy onions and asparagus with sauce over the dish

The cheesecake is wonderful.

Jaq and Gus cheesecake with garnishes on a clear glass plate

Chocolate mousse is also very popular.

The clock strikes twelve dark chocolate mousse with caramel gelato on a small white plate in Cinderella's castle

Our daughter got the decorate her own mini cupcake with frosting and sprinkles.

kids decorate your own mini cupcake dessert with frosting and sprinkles in divided sections on the side of a white rectangular plate

What Characters are at this restaurant?

Cinderella has a beautiful room inside the castle doors with benches along the wall and stanchions with red velvet rope so that guests can wait in line to meet her. She will graciously sign autographs, visit with you and pose for photos.

Cinderella does not typically greet guests as they dine upstairs which differs from other character meals. 

Cinderella character greeting guests as they enter the castle to dine at her royal table restaurant in front of a beautiful blue curtain with a bench

As of February 2023 Prince Charming and other princesses are not greeting guests. 

Things to Know:

  • When you book the reservation you will pay for the meal, tax and tip. 
  • You will need a ticket to the Magic Kingdom to eat at this restaurant 
  • There’s no official dress code – some guests are dressed fancier for a special occasion, some girls wear princess dresses and most people are in their regular park clothes

How Much Time Does CRT take?

The average guest spends about 90 minutes at the restaurant. 

The fastest experience possible is probably an hour fifteen minutes while two hours is more likely at peak times when there’s a longer wait to be seated. 

Be Our Guest Compared to Cinderella’s Royal Table

While the atmosphere at both places is uniquely Disney, while in the castle you feel like you’re at a medieval banquet hall and you look out the stained glass windows from the second story. Be Our Guest or BOG is themed and unique to the Beauty and the Beast Movie it is much busier, noisier and a bit more animated than “real”.

BOG is more affordable and better for groups with a more general interest than just princesses as the Beast comes through and waves. 

CRT is more exclusive and has a much lower capacity than BOG. With the Royal Table you feel like a part of the scene where at the bigger, busier Beast’s castle you feel like you have a front row seat to watch the scene.

Both are wonderful experiences if you can afford them but will not make or break your day at the park. I’d rather pack lunch and eat in the Magic Kingdom than not go at all!

Gifts at Cinderellas Royal Table

Each guest was given a post card with Cinderella’s signature.

Front and back of post card of Cinderella with her signature on the back

On the way out right before the exit door is a basket with the choice of a couple gifts. The same wands we were given on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship were next to swords. Our daughter loves her sword!

Suit of armor standing guard in Cinderella's castle next to a basket of wands and swords as gift for guests at the Royal Table restaurant

In our Cinderella’s Royal Table Review we enjoyed the fun extras that you don’t get other places, but the price is at a premium. Don’t go just for the little extras, but enjoy them if you do!

What does CRT mean at Disney?

CRT is the abbreviation for Cinderella’s Royal Table which is a restaurant inside the castle in the center of Magic Kingdom.

Where is Cinderellas Royal Table?

As you walk into the Magic Kingdom down Main Street USA and first spot the front of the castle this is the first step.

The restaurant entrance is on the back side of the castle near the carousel and Sir Mickey’s. The actual restaurant is towards the Princess Fairytale Hall and Winnie the Pooh ride.

Royal Table Restaurant Menu 2023

Notable were the lengthy list of alcoholic drinks with is rare inside of Magic Kingdom. We did not try any, but many of the guests around us added a drink to their meal.

Cocktail, reserve wines, and special flights of champagne and other alcoholic drinks at the Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom

Soft drinks are included in the prepaid price and we were happy with that!

There are lots of wine choices as well!

Extensive wine menu with a picture of Cinderella's castle in the clouds faded in the background

The food is listed on this page of the menu.

Lunch and dinner menu featuring appetizers, entrees and desserts at Cinderella's Royal Table

And the kid menu is cute and has activities to keep them busy while they wait.

Kids menu of Cinderella's Royal Table with a coloring sheet and activities

Our Cinderella’s Royal Table review is positive. With planning and saving up the money we would enjoy going back in the future, but will not make the splurge too often to keep the experience special.


No, the 10% off your restaurant bill for having a Disney credit card does not work at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

We’ve found that it does not work at most character meals like this restaurant or Storybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White.

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We would always love to go back to Castaway Cay – Disney’s Private Island for one of our all-time favorite vacation days.

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