Review of Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue

An enjoyable show with all you can eat food Disney’s Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue is good clean fun with lots of puns.

Actors in Pioneer dress singing and dancing on the stage at the Hoop Dee Doo Revue.

Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue

When you walk into the mess hall with old fashioned wooden beams you’re quickly seated at an assigned table with food. The meal begins immediately with salads and drinks. 

The show starts calmly with a piano and banjo player.  Then a “stage coach” rolls up outside 

A group of actors in the back makes a scene and raises the roof inside of Disney’s Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue and the fun begins. 

Large wooden posts framing the hall where the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue is performed and the dining hall is filled with tables of food and lots of seating for guests.

Audience members are pioneers watching a traveling show.

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The cast members create breaks in the show where the main course is served.

There are three seatings of the show on select days and reservations are required. Shows begin promptly at 4:15 p.m., 6:15 p.m. and 8:15 p.m.

Be sure to arrive early as it will probably take longer than you think to get there. It took us an hour and 15 minutes from the Art of Animation Resort via Uber.

Actors dressed up in Pioneer Hall at the finale of Disney's Hoop Dee Doo Review and play.

Hoop Dee Doo Food

The classic American meal is very enjoyable and food allergies are very professionally accommodated with separate portions.

When you walk in and sit down there are salads, corn bread with wonderful butter, coleslaw and drinks

Overhead view of table set with red plates, silverware wrapped in red and white plaid napkins, cast iron like dishes with family style servings of salad, corn bread, coleslaw and honey butter near a bowl of bbq sauce.

Fried chicken and BBQ ribs are the featured center pieces of the meal and taste delicious.

Large cast iron pan heaped with fried chicken and spare ribs laying on the side surrounded by other family style food.

Macaroni and cheese, baked beans and coleslaw are the side dishes. 

Small cast iron skillet serving macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and baked beans on the menu for the hoop dee doo.

The food is served at well thought out intervals with time to eat, digest and take in a little more of the show between courses.

Towards the end a big Strawberry Shortcake is brought to share with the whole party at your table.

Family portion of strawberry shortcake with a generous pile of whipped cream and a strawberry on top.

Several of us ordered a sangria. So our waiter brought out a small pitcher for us to share.

A limited selection of two alcoholic drinks are included in the price.

Small pitcher and glass jar full of sangria with food in the background on the table.

Why This Show is Special

While the Hoop Dee Doo show is not themed from a Disney movie it is a fun atmosphere with lots of crowd interaction.

The show features songs your aunts know and can sing along with. A good bit of time over the kids head, but they still enjoyed it and get included in a parade around the restaurant and playing washboards at the end.

There is lots of time spent announcing birthdays, anniversary’s, engagements, etc.

One of the actors came off the stage and is interacting with guests while they enjoy dinner at the theater at Disney World.

The Hokey Pokey is sang with lots of sounds effects and extra humor to be fun and funny. 

Clementine is one of the songs that is long and drawn out for funny performance

After dessert the actors played out Davy Crockett and give you the opportunity to sing along.

Crowd interaction of waving napkins during singing a song at the Hoop Dee Doo in Pioneer Hall.

How Long Is Hoop Dee Doo?

The show last an hour and a half, but it is recommended to arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior to the start of the show.

Since the actors run through the crowd it would be very inconvenient and unsafe to be late, so plan ahead and allow plenty of travel time.

How to Get To The Show?

The Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue is located in “The Settlement” at the lake end of Disney’s Fort Wilderness campsites.

Marina at the end of the Settlement at Disney's Fort Wilderness camp site area.

This is the end near the marina and playground.

Playground at Disney's camp ground in the trees with a paved walk way and benches in front.

We took an Uber Ride Share to the show which took us to the incorrect entry point.

There is one official entry point to the camp sites that is monitored by security. Then guests to to a bus stop with an internal bus or vans to transport you through the campground.

Directory and map of Disney's Fort Wilderness where the Hoop Dee Doo Review is located.

I like to say it takes an hour to get anywhere at Disney, but for this location I would allow at least an hour and 15 minutes. There are extra places to transfer to different types of transportation that could cause you to be late to the show.

I thought this show was near Story Book Dining at the Wilderness Lodge and that is incorrect! The entry points to these meals are on different resort properties.

How Much Does the Hoop Dee Doo Cost?

There are three tiers or categories of pricing for adults that include all you can eat food, two alcoholic drinks and a show. While the price is high it is an all inclusive price that covers gratuity and taxes.

The Hoop Dee Doo Review must be paid for in advance at the time of booking.

Category 1 includes seating in the center of the building closest to the stage and is $74 per adult and $44 for kids ages 3 to 9 in September 2023.

Category 2 includes seating on the stage level, but further away from the stage. The cost is $69 per adult and $40 for kids.

Category 3 is in the upstairs and also has good seats with other amenities being the same.

Wash board with a serving spoon to use as an instrument and a red and white plaid napkin laying on the table beside the board that reads The Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue.

We purchased category 1 seating and ended up on the side a few rows back from the stage. It was a good seat. I think all the seats are fine all are unless you are literally in the front row by the stage. Those are the only excellent seats I would pay a premium for in the future.

I was impressed by all of the crowd interaction. Admittedly guests on the first floor (category 1 and 2) get more attention, but category 3 was not ignored.

Is the Hoop Dee Doo Review Worth It?

My first visit was on a girls trip. The group gave the Hoop Dee Doo Review an 8 out of 10 stars.

We all enjoyed the food and the entertaining show, but did find a few points to be a bit hokey or repetitive.

I personally would not do this show on a first or second trip since there’s so much to do at Disney, but after several trips I did really enjoy a new activity.

I had fun, but would prioritize Chef Mickey’s or Be Our Guest Restaurant on one of my first visits to Disney.

Kids having a parade while others in audience play music on the wash boards at Disney's Hoop De Do Musical Revue.

Things To Know Before You Go

  • Good sized portions of food that taste like hometown cooking, so eat a light lunch.
  • I saw a couple wearing their pirate night on a Disney cruise bandanas around their neck with unbuttoned plaid shirts and it was cute.
  • Wear your birthday or anniversary button and be ready to wave your arm and be recognized.
  • I thought this meal was at the Wilderness Lodge and while it is at an adjacent property the entrance is totally different at the camp sites.
  • People are packed in like sardines around the tables and poles. It is tricky to get in and out of chairs. 
  • When the washboard music begins it gets REALLY noisy inside.
  • Kids will be invited to join a parade at the end.

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