Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Review

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort is a great value hotel to stay in at Walt Disney World or near the Orlando area on a budget.  

Whether we actually go to the parks at Walt Disney World or just fly into Orlando a Disney value resort is where we stay to save money. The theme at any Disney hotel is fun for the kids and adults.  It makes you feel like a kid walking through the giant sized characters and decorations that are right off the big screen. 

Fantasia section of all star movies resort with soldiers and ballerina

Disney All Star Movies Resort

Our family loves the Disney All Star Movies Resort because of the value price, two pools, playground, pool activities, recreation, night campfire to toast marshmallows, accessibility to food, easy transportation to the parks, and comfortable rooms for a family of four.

The All-Star Movies resort is about 30 minutes from the airport. The resort has complimentary bus transportation to Disney Springs, a restaurant, bar and shopping area. 

The resort has two pools.  The Fantasia pool is large and centrally located behind the front desk and food court area.  The Might Ducks pool is smaller and located in the 101 Dalmatians themed area.  

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Fantasia pool or main pool at All Star Movies resort

The biggest controversy that I’ve read in Facebook groups on planning a Disney trip is the personal preference to enter a room from inside a hotel or being able to walk right up to your room from the outside like you do at the All-Star resorts. In my mind this is a personal preference.

Toy soldiers climbing out of bucket of soldiers on top of all star movies hotel rooms

Our favorite resort is Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and we found the additional bed at Disney’s Caribbean Beach more convenient. But at a fraction of the price you can make multiple trips to the All-Star resorts!

Different Themes in Each Section

I would say Fantasia is the main theme at the all star movie resort. It also blends nicely into the Love Bug, 101 Dalmatians and Toy Story wings or buildings.

Large statue of Buzz Light Year at Disney hotel

I paid about $125 per night during the week in May and love being able to walk around and enjoy the scenery and magic.

There’s plenty of fun places for kids to stop and get pictures too!

All Star Movies Map or Directory

Paper maps are available at the front desk in addition to this large sign in between the main reception and food building and main pool.

Disney All Star Movies Resort Map or directory located in between main lobby building and main pool

We love being able to check-in online and avoid stopping at the front desk. But the staff are very pleasant and helpful if you have any questions. I’ve always been able to check-in early which is a wonderful bonus!

What is A Preferred Room at All Star Movies?

A preferred room is about location on the property. Preferred rooms are closer to the pool, buses and food court.

Standard rooms and preferred rooms are the same size. A preferred room is not any bigger than a regular room. Preferred rooms simply have a more convenient location.

Keep in mind the buildings on the map are MUCH bigger in real life than they look on a piece of paper or on a sign.

Affordable Disney all star movie resort room

In May of 2021 we stayed in a preferred room because it was the only option left and still the best deal at Disney. We were a few steps from the sidewalk straight to the hotel lobby. This path was much closer than walking through the other buildings by the pools.

Front entrance to Walt Disney World Disney All Star Movies Resort

Here is a picture of the front of the main building from outside our Preferred room at the All Star Movies resort.

Does All-Star Movies Rooms Have a Refrigerator?

There is a refrigerator in each room at All-Star Movies resort but it is very shallow and will only hold a limited amount of food or drink.

A regular bottle of water does not stand up easily without reconfiguring the shelves, but they can be laid down on their side.

We store a few pre-packed salads, salami roll-ups and lunchables for a day in addition to drinks.

Updated Rooms

The rooms at the All-Star Movies resort at Walt Disney World have all been remodeled and have a clean and updated feel.

Our family loves the fold away Murphy bed that doubles as a table. This is the perfect efficient set-up for a family of four.

Murphy bed with fun duck tales graphics over the head board

While the room can be tight with a few suitcases, a stroller, cooler and shoes I think the space is very efficiently designed and easy to manage on a budget vacation.

I would rather pay less and have to work harder to organize my stuff than pay more to spread out.

Our family also loves that the shower and toilet are separated from the sink and mirror area. This allows more of us to get ready for the day or clean-up at the end of the day more easily.

Activities & Recreation at Disney’s All Star Movie Resort

There are daily activities and pool games that change to keep you entertained while at every Disney hotel.

It took a couple stays before we realized all that the hotels have to offer. Look for the activities board that changes each month and is typically located near an entrance for the main pool.

Recreation activities at Disney All Stars resorts

The pool activities usually last 1.5 to 2.5 hours each afternoon and vary daily.

We have played Goofy Bingo and regular bingo while in the pool. There are other fun games and trivia that are run by cast members.

Bingo card in a hand in front of Mickey at the Fantasia pool at the Walt Disney World resort

For an hour each evening a small fire is lit in a pit to toast marshmallows. Guests are given a wooden stick and baggie of marshmallows. Cast members break up the sticks and add them to the fire when you are done.

Toasting marshmallows in the evening on a wooden stick at Walt Disney World Resort

This is a simple and fun past time that is even more fun at Disney! We appreciate there is no extra charge to go to the campfire which is right next to the Daisy Duck and Donald Duck statues. They make a great photo spot.

Daisy Duck and Donald Duck statues

Mickey Tie Dye

Each day there is a paid craft like Mickey Tie Dye or DYO Mickey ears at The Reel Spot just outside of the food court.

Making a mickey mouse tie dye shirt at a Disney hotel with a variety dye of colors on a table

The Tie Dye shirts are about $17 plus tax and come with rubber bands already secured. A cast member will help share ideas and give guidance to anyone who wants to make a shirt.

Mickey tie dye shirts need to stay wrapped up for a week in plastic before washing.

Girl making a Mickey tie dye shirt at Disney hotel

The ears also require an additional fee that is similar to the shirts. I thought the shirt is a better value than the ears which easily turn out looking a bit tacky. But it depends on your budget and expectations.

Recreation activity of making your own Mickey ears at Walt Disney World resort with bows and foam stickers

Pool Hours

The pool hours at Disney’s All Star Movies resort are 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. There is a sign posted on the gate at the pool. The hours seem to remain consistent throughout the year.

All Star Resort Pool hours sign on gate to the pool

The pools at all Disney hotels are heated, but the air temperature may prevent you from wanting to swim.

All Star Food Court Review

In May of 2022 the food was fine to good at the food court. It was expensive, but a price point I’ve come to expect at Disney. I didn’t mind paying for and enjoying the food.

Here is a BBQ pork sandwich and fries that I split with my 5 year old for lunch. Since we had a buffet type meal planned at Chef Mickey’s for the evening, we shared a meal and were satisfied for lunch.

Pulled pork sandwich and generous helping of fries from at Disney all-star food court

In May of 2021 the food was so bad that I packed most of my food for the following trips. The quality was poor and price was high which did not make me feel like I was getting a good value, but that seems to have changed in 2022.

I still like to pack carrots, celery, blueberries and grapes to help create a balanced diet while spending less money.

I have also made macaroni bowls I brought from home for my kids in the microwave in the food court.

It is very easy to re-fill water bottles or cups with water from the soda fountain in the food court.

What To Do in the Early Morning?

As early risers in the eastern time zone we do wish that the pools or more activities were open before 10 a.m. That is a good time to enjoy a breakfast reservation or get a quick breakfast in the food court.

Mickey waffle on a fork in the bright lights at the Disney All-Star Movies resort

We’ve also seen that toddler and preschool aged kids enjoy the playground.

Playground at all-star movies motel

While a middle school or high school aged young adult may prefer to sleep-in, watch tv or go for a run on the paths around the rooms.

Other Items of Interest

In addition to the collectible penny and quarter machines around the Walt Disney World Resort there are now collectible medallions with Disney characters.

Collectible medallions machine at Walt Disney World

There is also an arcade with daily contests and activities.

In summary we have always enjoyed our stay in the remodeled All-Star Movies room and I would highly recommend staying here on your first visit to Disney World.

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