Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds

Melting three smooth chocolates together and coating whole almonds makes the best homemade Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds recipe.

Small white plate stacked of milk chocolate covered almonds on a red napkin

Chocolate Covered Almonds Recipe

Chocolatey nuts are one of my favorite indulgences and I love that this chocolate covered almond candy recipe takes very little effort. This is one of the no-bake desserts that is so easy I enjoy making them with my elementary school aged kids.

Chocolate covered almond clusters are perfect to make and put in decorative little bags or boxes for homemade Christmas gifts or to accent a holiday cookie tray. Sitting along side Peanut Butter Balls, Grandma’s Homemade Fudge, or White Chocolate Haystacks this candy adds variety and make a tray of holiday treats look even more appetizing.

Our most popular Crock Pot Peanut Clusters are the most simple way to make chocolate covered nuts at home. We discovered how easy it is to melt chocolate in a slow cooker and haven’t looked to the stove top or microwave since.

Pile of the best milk chocolate covered almond clusters on a plate with a red napkin and wooden counter top showing in the background

Then we went on vacation to San Antonio and tried Chocolate Cherry Almond Candy. So we had to make it. Testing new chocolate covered nut recipes is an adventure in our home that we don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

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Almond Covered Chocolate Variation

I enjoy picking up a bag of Dark Chocolate Thins in the candy section at Sam’s Club. This treat inspires me to pour the melted chocolate onto a waxed paper lined baking sheet and sprinkle chopped almonds and sea salt on top.

Finely chopped almonds can be mixed in or sprinkled on top of a thin layer of chocolate to create a bark type chocolate treat.

Close up of homemade chocolate and almond candy setting up on a baking sheet

Ingredients Needed

  • Almond Bark or white candy coating
  • Whole almonds – we prefer roasted and lightly salted
  • German’s sweet chocolate
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips
Almond bark, whole almond, German's sweet chocolate and bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips laying on a white counter top

How To Make Chocolate Covered Almonds

Melt chocolate using your preferred method. The biggest trick to evenly melting chocolate is to use a low, consistent heat and stir often.

I love how the slow cooker is fuss free compared to using the microwave or a double boiler where you have to constantly stir.

Once the chocolate has all become soft stir well until smooth and pour in whole almonds.

Stir well and use a cookie scoop or tablespoon to drop onto a counter top or large cookie sheet covered with waxed paper.

Allow chocolate 15 – 30 minutes to set up. Then enjoy.

Melting Chocolates in A Slow Cooker

Use a 6 quart or larger slow cooker. Coat with a light layer of non-stick cooking spray or use a liner to make clean-up easier.

Break almond bark into evenly sized smaller pieces. Break up German’s sweet chocolate and spread over white chocolate.

Then pour semi-sweet chocolate chips over the top.

3 types of chocolate layered in a lined crock pot

Place the lid on and set to low heat.

Check after 35 – 45 minutes. The chocolate should be warming up and becoming shiny.

Chocolate melting in a slow cooker with a liner

Use a large spoon to stir well. There will still be some large pieces of chocolate. I try to move them to spots in the crock that seem to melt a little faster.

The triple chocolate combination will probably have a swirl pattern that shows the direction you stir.

Partially melted chocolate and white almond bark after being stirred together

Stir again about every 15 minutes until the chocolate is totally smooth and has a consistent color.

Silky smooth melted chocolate with a large silver stirring spoon

Use a cookie scoop to make evenly sized candy clusters. Scoop onto a wax paper lined baking sheet.

Put in a cool place so the chocolate sets up quickly. Enjoy!

Cookie scoop making chocolate covered almond candy on a wax paper covered baking sheet.

This is such an easy way to make to make candy at home.

Confectionary candy store experience and higher quality, but so easy to make at home.

Recipe Tips & Tricks:

  • Almond bark and white candy coating can be used interchangeably. White chocolate chips can work too, but are more difficult to melt in a crock pot.
  • A 6 quart or bigger crock pot means more surface area for the chocolate to touch, warm-up and melt. In a larger crock pot you need to stir occasionally.
  • In a smaller crock pot it will be a little easier to scoop out as the layer of chocolate will be thicker. Be sure to stir every 15 minutes to keep rotating and evenly melting the chocolate.
  • I do find that using a liner can help get every last bit of chocolate out and make clean-up easier. The liner also plays a role and can help prevent portions of the chocolate from burning.
  • Store extra chocolates in an air tight bag or container in a cool place.
  • Candy can be frozen, but chocolate may get whitish along the edges or begin to get a little bit of freezer burn. The flavor and quality do not change, but the appearance may change slightly.

Mix-In Ideas For New Variations of Candy

  • Flakes of coconut
  • Dried cherries
  • Dried cranberries
  • Sea salt can be mixed in or sprinkled on top

Is This Recipe Healthy?

Eating chocolate covered almonds or other nuts is better than eating a high sugar food like chocolate alone. So eating the combination of foods is better than eating plain chocolate.

As we’ve been working to eat healthier we find that eating nuts like almonds along with the chocolate helps provide some protein. Protein helps you feel full longer.

While anything with chocolate is not necessarily healthy, eating almonds along with the popular dessert can satisfy your craving and help you avoid getting hungry again right after a sugar high.

Dark chocolate typically has less sugar than milk chocolate and is another great option to satisfy your sweet tooth as well.

Candy cluster of chocolate dipped almonds cut in half to show whole almonds in the center being held by fingers above a plate full of candy

More Easy Holiday Treats

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Bars are made with crescent dough, butter, cream cheese, cinnamon and sugar. Super popular all year-around, but especially at the holidays!

Christmas Chex Mix is fun and perfect to make with kids around the holidays.

Pay Day Crunch A combo Chex cereal and peanuts with a sweet peanut butter coating that holds it all together.

Printable Chocolate Covered Almond Clusters Recipe

Close up of milk chocolate covered almond candy with a bite out it revealing whole almonds

Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds

Servings 50 almond clusters
Jennifer @ Plowing Through Life
Melting three smooth chocolates together and coating whole almonds makes the best homemade Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds recipe.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 25 minutes


  • 2 pounds almond bark or white candy coating
  • 12 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 4 ounce bar German sweet chocolate
  • 4 cups whole almonds


  • Break white almond bark into pieces and place in the bottom of a lightly greased crock or a crock with a liner.
  • Break up bar of German sweet chocolate and add to crock. Then sprinkle chocolate chips on top.
  • Cover and cook on low for 45 minutes. Stir and continue to cook for 15 minute intervals until the chocolate is smooth and melted.
  • Turn off the heat or turn to keep warm and stir in almonds.
  • Drop onto a wax paper covered baking sheet until set. Store in an airtight bag or container in a cool spot.


  • We prefer roasted and lightly salted almonds
  • Chocolate can also be melted in the microwave and on the stove top


Calories: 222kcalCarbohydrates: 20gProtein: 3gFat: 14gSaturated Fat: 8gPolyunsaturated Fat: 1gMonounsaturated Fat: 4gTrans Fat: 0.01gCholesterol: 0.4mgSodium: 6mgPotassium: 122mgFiber: 2gSugar: 17gVitamin A: 4IUCalcium: 35mgIron: 1mg

Nutritional Disclaimer

“Plowing Through Life” is not a dietitian or nutrition professional. Any nutritional information shared is an estimate and can vary greatly depending on specific products are used. If calorie count and other nutritional values are important to you, we recommend running the ingredients through an online nutritional calculator of your choice.

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