Gender Reveal Party – Tractors or Tutus?

I’ve been a bit quiet on social media and my blog over the past few months because all of my energy has been focused on getting the basics done.

One of the new basics has been growing a baby!  We are all very excited by the anticipated addition!  When the Little Farmer found out that he’s going to be a big brother he immediately responded, “I’ve always wanted somebody to play with!”

Farm Gender Reveal Party

My energy has returned, and I’m excited to share pictures from our gender reveal party.  We are so grateful to my mom and sister-in-law who threw us a most excellent party!

balloons on streamers in barn
Balloons on streamers made cute decorations and fun games for the kids during the party!

We preferred the idea of a gender reveal party over a shower because it was easier to convince men they should come.  We enjoyed the all inclusive party!

Gender reveal with pink and blue balloons
We used these balloons for decorations and let go of the color that we wouldn’t need during the gender reveal.

My sister-in-law made some cute, yet simple activities for the guests to enjoy before the big announcement.

tractors or tutus on clothes pins
Stock photos printed and attached to clothes pins served as an easy way for guests to vote boy or girl

The decorations were cute and functional!

large diaper cake
Gender neutral baby shower diaper cake.

diaper bouquet

diaper bouquet with ribbon and flowers
Pieces and parts to a diaper bouquet. These are super cute centerpieces for a gender reveal part or a baby shower.

small diaper bouquet with rolled diapers
Seven size 2 diapers were rolled individually and a wide ribbon was tied around the outside. The paper flower was stuck in the top.

When my mom is involved there is always food…lots of good party food for a crowd!  We got BBQ pork from GFS and cooked it in a roasting pan as well as heated up pre-sliced ham for sandwiches in a slow cooker.

Here is the table on which she spent the most time – the dessert table!  Just like at our Burlap & Lace Decorated Wedding Reception people always love a good dessert table!

pink and blue cakes on dessert table
How about these amazing cakes?

baby shower dessert table with mom and dad in front
My mom made an amazing display of desserts for the crowd to enjoy!

Guests brought a package of diapers or wipes.  Some people count their wealth in cash, but we’re at a point in life where we count our wealth in diapers.  We feel really rich after this party 🙂

man with burp cloth
One of the turkey farmer’s good friends got him this burp cloth. The friend said what several thought – he didn’t know if he would ever see Joe like this 🙂

Here’s a pic of the drink table.  Everything was so cute!

drink table with pink and blue punch
Blue Hawaiian punch and pink Countrytime lemonade made cute drinks to go with the pink and blue gender reveal theme

one year old playing with ice
I’m one and I can do what I want!

Even some of the guests were cute.

The big party revealed that we’re expecting a girl!  We’re grateful to all who came and celebrated.  We have so much to be grateful for!

Fun Recipes for a Gender Reveal Party

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