Why Should I Go To Church?

Everyone can find at least one reason not to go to church.  Sometimes it’s harder to find the answer to Why Should I Go To Church but it’s worth it!

Why Should You Go To Church?

I’ve been offended going to church with my husband.  He’s been offended at the church I used to go to.  We’re not often offended by the messages, it’s typically the people. They say and do some of the darnedest things to unintentionally turn us away.  We could list the wrongs and find people to rally around the cause, but we think the time and energy is better spent sharing the good.

We understand that we’re all human which means Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  We understand that we are some of those imperfect humans with flaws, so we try to extend grace to those people that may rub us the wrong way and keep going.  We also understand that we would miss out on so much, and so many people would miss us if we didn’t go to church.

Reasons to Go to Church

Here’s a couple reasons to overcome some of those frustrations and go back to church:

1 – We do fun stuff at church.  This summer my Little Farmer went to Vacation Bible School in the evenings and the theme was about climbing Mount Everest.  So he and some friends dressed up like mountain climbers one evening.

Kids dressed up as mountain climbers at vbs with text

You can see by the bibs he’s wearing that whatever the task at hand he still thinks about farming.  They had a lot of fun pretending, learning and playing.  And VBS was free!

Kids playing with bubbles at Vacation Bible School
Church is fun!

2 – My biggest challenges in life are not the actual tasks that I’m assigned to do, rather understanding how to work and communicate with people to effectively get them done.  My Little Farmer is learning some of these skills at church.  Even though he reads scripture at church that we’ve already read at home, there is value in group study.  I recall lessons from other people (not my parents or family) that really stuck with me throughout life.  The more positive people, positive exposure and positive connections that my Little Farmer can have the better!

3 – My biggest challenges in life are not the actual tasks that I’m assigned to do, rather understanding how to work and communicate with people to effectively get them done.  I learn how to do better in these situations when I really open up my heart and mind and apply what I learn at church.  Sure I want my kid to learn and do better, but I can’t minimize the tremendous personal growth that I’ve had gathering with others either!

4 – God created a tremendous support system.  When you attend church regularly, interact with the same group of people, and build relationships over time, they’ll start to notice if you’re missing church.  And they may check up on you.  They may ask about your struggles and be a friend.  They may be able to offer help.  As you grow and are strengthened, you can return the same favor to other people.  Church is a great place to foster the chain of love.  I’ve personally experienced great help and love from the support system at church!

5 – Last, but certainly not least, is the eternal perspective.  Attending church helps me keep my life in perspective.  Worship helps me remember what a small part of a big plan that I am.  I learn how big our God really is.  I learn about eternity.

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