I remember sitting at my desk in August of 2013 when a school official called me to explain new school transportation rules.  This phone call ruined the plans that I had struggled and worked so hard to make for my son.  I was a single parent of a soon to be kindergartner, building a house, selling another, a widow, a Christian.

I thought this call would make my life so much more difficult.  It didn’t, this call was another example of a change in direction that didn’t seem great, but it certainly turned out for the better.

Henry’s school is K-3.  I just got home from the third grade clap-out.  Parents lined the halls as the third graders walked through and we gave them high fives.  Henry was one of those third graders.  He made it!  Despite the phone call that I feel like I just hung up from and several more trials in between…he made it!

I shared some feelings with my husband a few days ago and said, “I hope I don’t end up rolling around on the floor and crying at school.”  He replied, “Well then you could be a YouTube sensation.”

3rd grade clap out

I love that we handle serious conversations with sarcasm, but I want to share that I walked in the house just now and cried.  I cried because I saw the faces of so many people that got Henry and I to this point in life.

Back to the phone call in 2013.  I took that struggle and shared it in my Sunday School class.  One of my friends and classmates thought out loud and said, “Well I suppose my daughter is old enough to get Henry off the bus.”  Her parents both work, so other family members brought her to our house just before the bus arrived.  I saw one of those family members today.  She is one of the many faces.  She’s spent time, travel and effort that she could’ve used elsewhere on Henry, on helping me.  She didn’t have to.  I’ve given her nothing.  She had no obligation.  I didn’t even know her 4 years ago.  She is one of so many.  More people than I can count or know that have served us.  This is God’s glory at work here on earth.

The tears roll again and that’s the weight of glory.

I can easily think of things Henry could do better.  There are many things we could all do better.  Today instead of seeing those gaps.  I see the grace that has covered those gaps and gotten us to this point.  We’ve come so far.  Amazing Grace has brought us so far.

I feel peace in my soul and that’s the weight of glory.

That girl that was just old enough to start babysitting almost five years ago drives now.  She’ll be babysitting Henry’s infant sister this summer.

Our life is so rich and so full of God’s glory today.  I pray that you may be able to step back and experience glimpses of that in your own life today.

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  1. Now I’m crying right along with you! God is so good to us, all the time! Thanks for the reminder today!

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