Easy Christmas Cookies

Krusteaz cookies provided cookie mixes and a grocery allowance to write this post, but all opinions are my own. 

I’m always looking for ways to make life easier.  With a growing family and more demands on my time I still want to do all of the holiday traditions like making Christmas cookies, but finding the time can be tricky.  I’ll admit I have never made cookie mixes from a box, but these saved time and tasted great which means we will certainly make Krusteaz cookies again.

How to Make Easy Christmas Cookies

My son and I enjoy baking together.  He likes to measure and mix ingredients, then use a scoop to shape balls of dough and drop them onto the cookie sheets.  I get to hang out with him while he does most of the baking work.  I just clean up after we enjoy eating a cookie or two together.

Just before Christmas last year we proudly welcomed a baby girl into our family.  That means less baking time for her big brother and me.  Krusteaz cookie mixes are the perfect solution to enable us to spend time together without taking as much time as made from scratch cookies.  The quality of the cookies was great.

We liked the chocolate chip and snickerdoodle mixes the best.  We had the most fun rolling out and making cut-out sugar cookies.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy all of the mixes were to make.  All you need is a strong kid to stir, no mixer is required!

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no fuss chocolate chip cookies

We have a cookie swap and bake sale at church, which is always fun.  These mixes are the perfect solution to take along.  We can take a wider variety of cookies and know that they will all be good to eat.  The only ingredients that we needed in addition to our box mix was an egg and stick of butter.  Without an easy solution we might not be able to participate in as many fun activities like this around the holidays.  Krusteaz has a Holiday Cookie Helper with coupons and prizes!

collage of easy sugar cookies from a box mix

I’m glad Krusteaz reached out with this opportunity to learn more about their products.

More Easy Cookie Recipes

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies make a surprise cherry covered by chocolate fun to bite into.

Farmhouse Style Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies are a tried and true favorite any time of the year!

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies are oatmeal cookies with a thumbprint that’s filled with a dollop of raspberry jam.  The combination is amazing!

Applesauce Raisin Cookies are an old-fashioned favorite that the whole family will love!

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