34 Best Brunch Recipes

Are you looking for delicious brunch ideas?  We’ve found a wonderful collection of the best brunch recipes ranging from egg casseroles to muffins, cinnamon roll casserole, overnight French toast and a special brunch punch!

Collage of delicious brunch ideas

Best Egg Casseroles for Breakfast or Brunch

Many farms have a few chickens that lay eggs every day.  Our farm doesn’t have any chickens right now, but we have at different points.  We also have family members that take care of chickens for a hobby or for a full-time job.  Casseroles make great recipe ideas for using up extra eggs.

I like knowing when I make these recipes that whether I got eggs from someone I know or at the grocery store I’m supporting farm families!  My husband’s cousin is one of many farmers that raise eggs that are sold in the grocery store!

Here are some delicious casseroles with eggs:

More recently we made this Breakfast Casserole For A Crowd to feed at least 40 people. Be sure to get a couple 13″ x 18″ pan and plan to have adequate storage space in the refrigerator to store lots of extra ingredients.

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Quiche Recipes

Still have more eggs?  Or do you just love a good quiche?  Here are a few delicious quiche recipes:

brunch recipes that use lots of eggs

Best Baked Goods and Bread For Brunch

Carb lovers unite and check out this collection of French Toast, muffins and other baked goods that are too good to pass by at brunch!

Pancakes and Cinnamon Roll Brunch Recipes

Sweet cinnamon rolls and pancakes are my kids’ favorite brunch and breakfast foods.  I think everyone in our family will enjoy each of thes recipes!

Easy brunch and breakfast recipe ideas

Other Yummy Brunch Recipe Ideas

We don’t eat brunch every week, so when we do it’s fun to try some new recipes.  Thes brunch ideas look like a delicious way to mix up the brunch menu!

And what would brunch be without Oven Fried Bacon from Sweet Little Bluebird and a nice Champagne Brunch Punch from Farmwife Drinks?


  1. For how much I love breakfast food I don’t have brunch nearly enough, especially after looking at this list!

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