1/64 Scale Farm Toy Ideas – Harvest Scene

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As fieldwork winds down and the temperatures drop it’s time to get to work on the toy farm.

Running the combine is one of a farmer’s favorite jobs, regardless of age.  So we have several combines out on the harvest scene on our farm toy display.  Our Little Farmer has spent hours preparing these toy farm harvest ideas.  We hope you enjoy them!

Two combines in harvest farm toy scene

Ideas to Keep Kids Busy in the Winter

Our son goes non-stop.  Thank goodness he loves playing with farm toys.  We continually challenge him to add a new element to his farm toy scene when he gets restless.  He enjoys rearranging his farm so much that we got him this old wooden table.  He likes to drill holes in the carpet layer and sometimes the table to set up his stalks of corn.  These projects need to be done with adult permission and supervision of course.  He will also staple different layers to the wooden surface.  A thin sheet of plywood or any type of wood could also work well.

This year he grabbed a small tree branch from the yard and added it in the fence row of his corn and soybean field to look like a tree.  And keeping with the fence rows on our real farm he broke a branch off and let it lay in the soybean field for a few days.  He took yellow construction paper and ripped it up to look like leaves falling off the trees.

We gave him a scrap piece of carpet that he uses as a soybean field.  You can see how nicely he can leave tire tracks.

farm toy soybean field with tire tracks

Free Farm Toy Printable

As you can see the more real the elements in the toy farm the better, so we’ve teamed up with Seed Consultants Inc. to offer free printable signs!  If dad, grandpa, and the neighbors have signs showing what variety of crops they plant, why shouldn’t the toy farmer?  Click here to download and print your own farm signs Seed Consultants_Farm Sign_Printable.  Have some toothpicks ready and be safe and creative when deciding how to display the signs.

toy farm scene harvest ideas

1/64 Scale Farm Toy Scene During Harvest Season

Our Little Farmer loves watching YouTube videos about toy farming.  Somewhere along the line, he got the idea to use yellow corn meal in the hopper of his combine, in the grain cart, etc.  We got our packages of corn at Hobby Lobby in the scale train section.  Our son has spent hours moving these individual stalks of corn to get them arranged just right.  Sometimes he likes to guess spacing in between snouts on the combine head and sometimes he likes to be more precise and measure.  Either way, he’s thinking, dreaming and staying out of trouble.

Building a farm planting scene or a harvest scene is a great way to spend time together as a family.  And when life is crazy busy it’s a great way to keep the little farmers happy and busy.

Thanks to Seed Consultants for partnering to offer this free printable and activity!

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  1. You can use various styrofoam blocks to fill up grain trucks so that you don’t use so much corn meal. I also used to paint fields black and sprinkle corn fodder and coffee grounds to look for realistic.

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