Thank You for the Manure

Dear mother-in-law and father-in-law,

Thank you for the poop.  I understand that your hog manure made our corn yield far better than it could’ve been without the crap.

bride and groom holding thank you for banner
Thank you for the manure and accepting my sarcasm. You guys are great!

Organic Fertilizer is a Gift!

You have a wealth of valuable organic nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous and potash that you shared to make our crops and income better.  The corn needed nutrients to grow and your hog poop provided like commercial fertilizer can’t.

That’s really special how you applied the manure to the field and made sure to mix it in the soil right away.  We respect that you work to manage these nutrients responsibly and spread them out over different farms from year to year.

I read about people on the internet that call manure waste, but thanks for being responsible and sharing your wealth to benefit us.

Yours truly,


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