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Thank you G.H. Cretors for sponsoring this post.  Grab a few bags and be ready for the game day!

We love parties!   Big games are good reasons to have a party and enjoy great food.  One of our struggles is finding time to keep up with work and the kids and still have time to make a good snack.  We will not pass up a party invitation just because we didn’t have time to cook.  So, we usually try to keep some snacks on hand that we can grab and go to a party on a moment’s notice.  G.H. Cretors is our new, go-to premium snack!

I’ve never seen kernels all pop the same size and same shape, like the G.H. Cretors popcorn.  It was also more fun to eat than typical popcorn because the hulls weren’t as big, so there’s nothing to stick in your teeth.  This means that we could let our one year old baby grab as much as she wanted.  We usually have to carefully select pieces for her, but not with this popcorn.  She LOVES it!  We all do!  We also love that popcorn is a great snack because it is a whole grain, which is healthier.

G.H. Cretors Cheese Lovers Mix

G.H. Cretors is known for The Mix!  You can order it right here.  We received a sample of The Mix as well as two new flavors – Cheese Lovers Mix and Buffalo and Ranch Mix.  We are a cheese loving family, so we really enjoyed the Cheese Lovers Mix!  The Buffalo and Ranch Mix was also very good.  We were pleased with the unique, unexpected mix of flavors in the Buffalo and Ranch Mix.  It had a little kick that we enjoyed.  G.H. Cretors makes several other flavors that can also easily be ordered.

G.H. Cretors new flavors

I’ve shared in the Farming category how my family grows corn and soybeans.  My husband, the farmer, said the official name for our corn is “field corn.”  I’ve helped plant and harvest a lot of corn, so I know that there’s variation in kernels of corn.  Both sides of our family grow field corn which is used to feed animals like pigs, cows, turkeys and chickens or used to make ethanol.  Sweet corn is, you guessed it sweet, and another variety of corn.  We love fresh sweet corn in the summer and frozen sweet corn the rest of the year.  Popcorn is yet another variety of corn that I’ve never grown, but I know the process is very similar to field corn.  The bottom line is food comes from farms and the vast majority is grown by families just like ours.

My friend Brian grows popcorn and shares about it here on his blog and social channels.  If you’ve got questions about popcorn he is a great resource!

This summer I shared some photos of our family working on the farm and caring for cattle.  I used this caption “If you think nobody loves you take some corn into a group of cattle.”  The implied joke is that they will all come very near and lick and nudge you, until you give them the corn.  I think the same would be true of G.H. Cretors popcorn in a group of people watching football.

easy game day snack

So let’s get to the original question – what is the best corn to eat?  I like sweet corn at a summer grill out, but I think popcorn is the most versatile snack that can be enjoyed anytime.  The whole grain kernels of popcorn and the high quality seasonings on the G.H. Cretors popcorn make it my new favorite.  I’m so glad that we got to try it!

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