I teach children’s church one Sunday each month.  All summer long we’re talking about praying and giving each kid a set of hands on which to write prayer requests for the week.  The hands are a physical reminder to pray.  I didn’t teach last week, but the Little Farmer came back from his lesson with this as his prayers for the week:

Little Farmer Prayer Requests
“Wheat doesn’t sprout, brings good price”
church art
No need for a children’s bulletin, this is the kind of stuff the Little Farmer draws during quiet time at church.

We had rain every day for a couple weeks when dad is typically harvesting wheat.  He was concerned that it might sprout.  The Little Farmer must’ve heard that speculation.  The price prayer kind of threw me, we don’t really talk about that a lot.

This week before church I was up early and getting ready to teach the middle school Sunday school class, cleaning house, making bacon, and other normal energizing stuff.  My plans were derailed when I went to the garage and the kid farmer kind of “split” this tractor by himself.

Kid fixing pedal tractor
Why wait for an adult when you’re five and truly believe you can fix it?

The chain came off the sprocket a month ago, but he suddenly decided that he wanted it fixed immediately, so he took the covers off to get to the chain.  He knew what needed done, he just lacked the muscle to do it.   What’s ironic to me is that he’s a little shy on the academics compared to others his age (kindergarten testing didn’t go great), but he’s not far off from being more mechanically capable than me.  I can’t wait for him to be able to fix stuff that I need help with!  This my friends is an great example of nature versus nurture.  Nature is really kicking in!

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