I’m about to share something really big.  Today I found some shoes to fit that are fairly cute, fairly comfortable and very affordable.

I know I have some friends that are true shoe shoppers.  Not me.  I don’t care about purses either.  I’m just grateful to be able to afford both of them.  I find both of them useful.  Shoes are the most critically useful to me day in and day out.

Back in my late twenties a friend told me my shoes could use some work.  I don’t come from a fine boned people if you know what I mean.  I shop on the larger and sometimes wider end of the shoe department.  Comfort is key for me, and it has been incredibly hard to find.  I can’t image that my feet are a freak of nature, so the challenge has not been logical at all.

As I rolled from my roaring twenties to whatever the thirties are I decided that it was time to drop the shoe victim mentality and invest some time and money in the deal.  So I got online, and I ordered some pricy shoes in various sizes.  Wouldn’t you know NONE of them worked!  So, I returned them all.

Then Kohl’s sent a coupon for $10 off of a $30 shoe purchase at the same time that I had some Kohl’s cash to redeem.  If not for this combination of events I certainly would’ve been too discouraged to even try on more shoes.

Then I accidentally stumbled upon the Sonoma brand of shoes.  I don’t even remember seeing those before.  They’ve probably been there, the department experience has just been too traumatic to remember the details and still function in daily life.

My haul…all for $50!

If I had a dollar for every time I tell people at pork promotions that, “Eating properly cooked pork will change your life,” well I’d have a lot of dollars.  Quality pork can be found at nearly any local grocery.  They key is how you handle it.  I just feel like the shoe deal is more in the manufacturer’s hands than mine.  I’m hopeful that actually wearing these Sonoma shoes for more than 10 minutes will be as enjoyable as properly cooked pork!

5 thoughts on “Tickled Pink As Perfectly Cooked Pork”

  1. I wouldn’t wear those open toed ones while cleaning barns. ALthough the high heeled ones might keep your toes out of the, um, stuff! I’m waiting for pink Redwing work boots…..

    1. Haha! Agreed! I have and use comfortable work boots on a regular basis 🙂 If it was socially acceptable I’d get a new pair and wear most days to the farm or not.

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