Sweet Potato Soufflé

farmhouse sweet potato souffle

Do you need a sweet potato side dish recipe idea?  This Sweet Potato Soufflé is a favorite potato dish at our holiday gatherings.  I asked my husband to describe this recipe and he said, “The butter, eggs and brown sugar enhance the sweet potato experience.” Referral links are used in this Continue Reading

Easy Coleslaw Recipe

easy vegetable side dish idea is classic coleslaw

This easy coleslaw recipe can be made in fifteen minutes!  My husband loves eating coleslaw as a side dish with chicken tenders, fish and most sandwiches.  I think it’s his German heritage that has caused him to love pretty much any cabbage recipe I’ve heard of.  He actually whipped up Continue Reading

Potluck Pasta Salad

easy spaghetti pasta salad with only four ingredients

Are you looking for an easy pasta salad for holidays, parties and potlucks on a regular basis?  Then you’ve got to try this Potluck Pasta Salad recipe.  This pasta salad is DELICIOUS!  People always ask for the recipe and it’s so easy we have it memorized! {Referral links are used Continue Reading

Farmhouse Potato Salad

farmhouse potato salad is a classic farm family recipe

My husband’s family loves enjoying this classic potato salad at family get-togethers!  My husband volunteered to make this for a recent party.  Whether it’s a big family party or a potluck, this is an easy recipe that makes a great side dish for a lot of people!   We love Continue Reading

Ultimate Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe

ultimate sweet potato casserole recipe

This is the ULTIMATE sweet potato casserole recipe!  This is one of my most requested recipes because it is SO good!  Some co-workers shared this recipe with me years ago and I’ve taken it to many family gatherings since. {Referral links are used in this post} Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe Continue Reading

Easy Cheesy Roasted Cauliflower Recipe

roasted cauliflower recipe

Adding parmesan cheese to roasted cauliflower is a such a great flavor combination.  We all know that eating vegetables is important, but isn’t always easy.  This recipe makes eating your vegetables much easier!  Our son wouldn’t eat vegetables without regular encouragement and he didn’t mind this recipe, so that’s a Continue Reading