Gift Ideas for Farm Families

gift ideas for farm people

Finding the right Christmas gift ideas for farmers can be challenging, so our family is sharing gift ideas that might make holiday shopping easier.  As our family grows we are blessed with more tasks.  With the addition of our CEO, we are excited to add birthday party planning to the Continue Reading

Life on the Farm 7-2-17

tractor square dancing

Life on the farm is never dull.  Especially on Joe’s family farm.  A few years ago the in-laws took the whole family to Maine on a vacation.  We created many memories to treasure!  One was driving the ’94 Suburban.  The beauty made it there just fine.  They didn’t even have Continue Reading

A Pig’s Tail – Another Perspective

You know what makes me uncomfortable?  Cities, parking garages, elevators and continuous impervious surfaces.   I bet I’ve only hailed a cab a couple times in my life.  If I had to do it tomorrow I know that I would be nervous. Was the world created for large sections to be Continue Reading