Our family of four enjoyed an outstanding first year as a 4-H family at the fair.  There were a lot more details to tend to than we realized, but we have been overwhelmed by multiple offers to help.  There is a steep learning curve, but we all agree that the investment in time, effort, sweat and cash has been worth it!

Boy in red shirt thinks…how did our pig pen end up next to this crazy kid’s pen?!?

We were in line to have the calves weighed in when a 4-Her in her final year asked Henry if it was his first year.  When he said yes she asked if he was doing showmanship.  When he said yes she offered to practice with him.

In America the girls teach the boys how it should be.
There was a lot of washing and rinsing this week!
These girls adjusted the calf’s halter and the boy’s attitude before he walked into his first round of showmanship.

These ladies did well because this boy channeled his inner GRIT and held the head of his calf higher than his while continually working to set him up properly.  He won fifth place in junior showmanship!

Then there was an announcement that he tied for fourth place for rate of gain with the same calf.

Oh yeah and we had a baby there too…


While we worked on lots of details random people watched the baby. It seemed to go well.
I know that it’s sad to see a kid in a dairy related barn eating sherbet, but the rest of us ate real ice cream everyday.  Joe tried to tell him that a cow dies every time someone eats sherbet, didn’t work.
So much time has been spent learning to care for animals. These steers have been on our farm since January 29th.

This post doesn’t even address the countless hours 4-H advisors spent helping us weigh animals, explain how things work, practice showing at home, etc.  Neither of these awards would’ve been possible without coaching, time, follow-up and more.

A farmer at the fair gave us vet wrap in between classes to make the show halter easier to hold.  Some people helped rinse, feed and lead calves.  We had help with passes to get in the fair.  So many people have sacrificed to offer support.  So many people made our fair fun and possible.

I’m nervous about what the ribbon holder thing will lead to…

Next thing you know our Little Farmer is given a special tender, loving care award in memory of a past 4-Her.  The award came with a plaque.  I NEVER saw it coming, but Henry came up and joyfully shared that he found a friend to hold his awards while he sold.  My mind is still blown with this series of events.  I knew it was a slippery slope…

Until next year keep scooping!

We’ve had a fairtastic, funtastic and fantastic week thanks to so many for caring, helping and sharing!

2 thoughts on “Summer Report Card about Life on the Farm”

  1. Jennifer, I was in 4-H for ten years with animal projects and absolutely loved your thoughts about “fair week takes a village.” My Mom was one of our two 4-H advisors and you know what it’s like being the child of ‘the teacher!’ My siblings and I were the ones that helped everyone else in the club get ready for the fair; even down to my Dad hauling livestock to the county fair for many 4-H members.

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