Roundup Rodeo BBQ Review

A fun atmosphere surrounded with plenty of toys the Roundup Rodeo BBQ Restaurant is in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.

Our group loved the fun atmosphere and family style meal with plenty of delicious food including a fun surprise dessert for kids.

Stacks of tinkertoys with colorful connectors and a fun fence outside of the roundup rodeo bbq.

Roundup Rodeo BBQ

In between the larger than life Woody statue and Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster surrounded by oversized Tinker Toys is the entrance to Roundup Rodeo BBQ.

Our roundup rodeo BBQ review is that it’s the overall experience that makes this restaurant special. The service is excellent and food is a good to great quality – similar to the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue.

By looking at our rodeo roundup bbq photos you can tell this is a fun place to hang out.

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Fun colorful designs inside of the round-up rodeo restaurant with lots of toys around.

There are no characters that visit tables, but every so often you hear Woody’s voice shout “Freeze, Andy’s coming.” Guests and wait staff alike freeze to look like toys until we’re told “The coast is clear.”

The Experience Makes It Fun

Guests wait outside barn doors as if you’re about to enter a toy box more than a restaurant.

Barn doors where restaurant hosts come out and announce your name to enter the rodeo restaurant.

Once your name is called you walk inside a fun, colorful restaurant where you become a toy. The host asks if you would like to ride a stick pony to your table.

Guests riding stick horses from the entrance of the Woody's restaurant to their tables.

All of these fun Disney touches make this restaurant memorable and enjoyable.

Rodeo Roundup BBQ Menu

The standard fare offers good variety with the option to add on salmon or substitute for plant based options.

All You Can Eat Food at the Roundup Rodeo

Served family style with attentive wait staff your bottomless bowls won’t stay empty for long.

Colorful tables set like a regular house with menus, cute plates that look paper but are real and several options of bbq sauce.

Starting with cheddar biscuits that are out of this world, tomato salad and watermelon salad is perfect. This food takes the edge off the hunger and the salads help you cool off since Florida is hot so much of the year.

Watermelon, tomato and cucumber salad and cheddar biscuits with sweet pepper jelly on a green table.

My friends enjoyed alcoholic drinks and I opted for the ice tea. It was served with lemon slices on the glass to look like Mickey Mouse ears. Super cute and fun!

Iced tea with two slices of lemon placed over the cup to look like Mickey Mouse ears.

The food doesn’t take time to prepare since most everyone in the place is eating the same things.

BBQ smoked ribs, beef brisket, Pork sausage, and BBQ chicken provides plenty of protein selections to enjoy!

Food at Woody's roundup rodeo is smoked ribs, beef brisket, pork sausage, bbq chicken, coleslaw, corn on the cob, tater tots, mac and cheese and baked beans in the center of the meat.

The side dishes of coleslaw, corn on the cob, mac and cheese, baked beans and potato barrels aka tater tots come out at the same time as the meat.

We recommend trying small samples of everything before filling up your plate. It’s easy to fill up fast, so pace yourself and be wise.

The desserts come in tiny jars, but are super rich and enjoyable cheesecake type creations.

Forky cookie sticking out of a cupcake which is a kids dessert with jars of adult desserts behind him.

Kids get to enjoy a fun Forky Cupcake!

How Much Does It Cost?

In May 2024 an adult meal including a fountain drink was $45 plus tax and tip and a child meal was $25 plus tax and tip.

Receipt showing the cost for roundup rodeo BBQ at Hollywood studios.

This receipt show actual expenses, BUT there was an error with seat number 3. The child did not get a rum on the range.

Our party thought that eating at Roundup Rodeo BBQ was worth it for the place to relax, good quality food and fun atmosphere that is exclusive to Disney.

How Long Does it Take To Eat at the Rodeo Roundup?

Our group enjoyed a stop at this restaurant around 5:30 p.m. on a hot day in the park. The air conditioning and one and a half hour visit was the perfect way to refresh before taking in a couple more rides and Fantasmic.

I would estimate that visits average 1 hour and 20 minutes to the roundup rodeo bbq.

Lights turning blue while guests have dinner and a large Little Bo Peep statue with toys all around her.

This experience is more similar to other restaurants inside the park like Cinderella’s Royal Table and Be Our Guest. When visiting a character meal like Goofy’s Kitchen or Chef Mickey’s you need to allow a lot more time to travel and wait for all characters to circulate to you.

Fun colorful designs inside of the round-up rodeo restaurant with lots of toys around.

We took our time by ordering adult beverages and lingering at the table to get a little more rest.

There are so many details all around the restaurant to take in. Relax and gaze around!

Take Time To Notice The Little Things

Get a photo with the sheriff’s badge as you enter…or when you take a restroom break.

Larger than life sized sheriff badge with a banner that says welcome rodeo fans above it in the entrance of the Rodeo Round-Up.

Freeze and hold still, pretend to be a toy. Then look around at the kids and how much fun they have being a part of the Toy Story set as a toy.

Let your imagination make the most of this Disney World investment.

Oversized statue of Woody welcoming Disney World guests to Toy Story Land inside of Hollywood Studios with green foliage behind him.

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