The prayers of others have carried me through so many hard times.

This morning at church a phrase in the preacher’s prayer really stuck with me, “Thank You for those who have gone before.”  I truly am grateful for the people I’ve known that have left such deep-seated, permanent changes in the person that I am.  I’ve learned about praying from some who are still here and some who have gone before.

10/16 Here is a prayer that I just shared with someone else:  Dear Lord – I lift up the * family and the challenges that they are facing right now.  Lord please help them to trust in You and not to have fear in their hearts.  Lord we know that You tell us many times in Your Word not to fear.  Lord we thank You for Your love and goodness, even in hard times.  Lord please help this little girl to heal or please help her parents to know where to take her and how to help her.

10/21 Thank you Lord for this day that You have blessed us with.  Thank you Lord for the many people that help on the farm and keep it going.  Lord I come before you today and lift one of the men right now as he awaits of a stress test in the hospital.  Lord please help to heal him, bring him comfort and allow him to relax.  As in all cases, only You know what the future holds Lord.  While that can be so hard for us as humans to accept I thank You Lord that You are in control and always looking out for our best interests even when it doesn’t look or feel that way from our perspective.

So many of us face so much uncertainty today Lord.  I thank You that You have brought me through some really hard times and I know that You never left my side.  I can look back and see how You sent Your people to love and help me.  Even in many cases people that I didn’t even know.  I pray for strength for anyone else who may read this scared for their future that we might open our hearts to Your true love, mercy and grace so that we can look forward to eternity with You and so many of Your loved ones in heaven!

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