The same week precious brought home a book from the local library with the words “Agricultural Pollution” on the cover I came across litter in the field.  The trash was two empty plastic bags of lawn fertilizer.  #Ironic…in so many ways.  I haven’t seen many finger pointers win, that’s not the goal here, I just couldn’t resist sharing the irony.

Filling the drill with soybeans is a family affair.
That’s an empty plastic bag of lawn fertilizer, just past my reusable water bottle.
Working ground. #Felfie – that’s a farmer selfie
A couple gentle taps got the job done. He is getting really good at replacing worn shovels!
Do I stay or do I go?
Big decisions are exhausting.
Ohio Association of Nutrition & Dietetics in downtown Cleveland. The attendees had a lot of great questions about farming.

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