I don’t even remember buying this package, but I opened the freezer in search of frozen strawberries and I found this.

tropical smoothie blend
Tropical Smoothie Blend from Kroger

Then I made a smoothie following the recipe on the back.

1 c. orange juice

1 c. milk

1 banana

2/3 T. yogurt (I thought really? and used 2 or 3 or more T)

I was even hesitant because I thought, do milk and OJ really mix well in this deal?  Let me tell you what…my first drink was like the first time I took a bite of “America’s Favorite Pork Chop.”  I thought that was pretty cliche, but dude, they’re both AMAZING!

I made a goal to write a blog post each week.  I’ve obviously dropped the ball on that even though my kid and life in general provide countless entertaining stories.   The moral of the story here is that this smoothie was good enough to write about, and I’ve had a lot of good stories happen since I last wrote.

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