He noticed a loose piece and got the tools to fix it himself! He said he could be Luigi on Cars 3

I’m glad somebody can keep us Plowing Through Life 🙂

Chore time
A good man working to keep fuel in the tractor and food in the fridge. He’s knows regular maintenance is just as important on equipment as it is in the marriage. True and dedicated!
The girls are fueling up this time. The little turkey is checking for broken or missing bolts, shovels, etc.
We had to do some work so we pulled the tractor to the grass. Our first #FarmHer selfie!
I asked for help, but all she did was try to eat some grass.
#LikeAGirl #LikeACEO #FarmHer #GetErDone  Where are the boys now?
A Legacy full of corn. Do it cheap!
Keep costs down.  Measure and mix yourself. 2 buckets of corn, 1 bucket of supplement, 2 buckets of corn and mix with the shovel.

Making and moving piles of calf manure and raking and hauling grass clippings in his wagon are his favorite self-chosen hobbies.  I so desperately want to coach him to be WAY more efficient, but I also love that he’s elected to be outside doing something.

Pilot. Pile it here…
Pilot. Pile it there.

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