I got a baby and a 4-Her in the same winter.  I know how the baby showed up, but I’m clueless about how the little farmer got to third grade already?  He bottle fed two Holstein calves that are two months old.  We are working on training them to walk with us.

I hope we’re better at taking care of this calf than taking selfies!
See me wearing the baby? She and the calf are ON AN ODYSSEY…lol
Now boarding the #StruggleBus
Compliance training fail #54…for calf and baby.
Poop happens. Somebody’s gotta clean the barn, might as well do it in your own style. #Fashionista
Loaning out the farm hat is a consolation prize for having to stay inside with mom and work.
My Grandpa is a farmer too. He was born in West Virginia.  #MyRoots  #NuffSaid
The little girl shrieked louder than the air brakes when I turned them on and off to test them for Joe.

#Troubleshooting #Maintainence And then I over heard one brother say to another brother, “Even an IDIOT trucker knows that.”

I’m pretty sure somebody stopped by just to get my father-in-law worked up and try to make him feel behind. #RelaxPeople
Some people say the line that “Barns protect animals” is just big ag rhetoric.
Where eggs are made the eggs at hunts are hard boiled. #ThrowBack
Life on the farm can be noisy. Live prepared.

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