feeding cows
feeding cows
Family feeding time!

Every time he does hints of real work I think to myself, “It’s so nice to finally get some return on all of those years of investment!”

unloading bales of straw
Unloading bales of straw off a wagon to stack in a mow
mama pigs
Mama pigs next to the mow. They will enjoy laying on the straw to keep warm in the winter.
unloading straw in the mow
Meeting in the mow.
Worker, manager, father. Can’t recall if the baby was concerned about her brother or the smell of fresh sweat on her father.
inside a chicken barn
We had a county Farm Bureau board meeting at a chicken farm. Andy showed us how they collect fertilized eggs!
We loved showing our friends around the farm and explaining what equipment is used for different jobs.
We took a wagon ride to a small patch of wheat that was not harvested and shared how to harvest and thresh grain with your hands. The farm abounds with Bible lessons.

One thought on “Life on the Farm 7-9-17”

  1. Came across article in Our Ohio. Glad to see life is going well for you. Enjoy your children. They grow up so fast. Remember you in 4H and at Kirk. Heck I even remember your dad in 4H. Also wrapping hay. May we you at the fair.

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