tractor square dancing

Life on the farm is never dull.  Especially on Joe’s family farm.  A few years ago the in-laws took the whole family to Maine on a vacation.  We created many memories to treasure!  One was driving the ’94 Suburban.  The beauty made it there just fine.  They didn’t even have to work on it until we were at our destination.  Logically they wanted to keep a classic vehicle like that in a nicer garage.

Mercer Co. Barn Raising
Had a nice lunch and cake for the MIL’s bday then had a family barn raising. The kids are doing team work to keep the boards coming.
quick 5k
The barn was finished by mid afternoon, so a few motivated family members ran a quick 5K.

Just kidding…about finishing the barn.

pre wheat harvest
Pre wheat harvest in Fort Recovery. The equipment is ready so that a healthy dose of peer pressure can kick in as soon as someone else is spotted working in their field.
tractor square dancing
Turns out tractor square dancing is a real thing. And it was fun to watch!
feeding fair pigs
The Little Farmer is feeding pigs and calves twice a day everyday for 4-H.
baby holding calf halter
She held the calf for a few because everyone is expected to contribute
After the baby broke the calves to lead (ha) this guy walked them both at once (ha)!
And then he washed the calves

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