We like mooers more than mowing so the whole Steak Maker thing just makes sense for our family!

Can you see the husband, helper and child helping a lost calf catch up with it’s momma?
Momma cows mowing for us. Being pregnant and making milk doesn’t take as much energy as growing, so grass and a little corn is good for this crew.
This farmer is outstanding in his field…which was especially annoying because he was snapping me in a sticky situation.
The baby heated up some pizza and brought me dinner in the tractor to help redeem her dad who might’ve made fun of me on snapchat earlier in the day.
Then the baby told her daddy to fill the drill with more seeds while her mommy ate and she played with foil.
Big brother holding off curious cows so I could get the stroller in the barn.
If you think nobody loves you take some corn in a group of cattle.


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