making feed for fair calves
Mixing feed by hand. 80% whole corn and 20% supplement. Applying the fractions learned at school to feed the fair calves!

Lately I’ve been really excited about finding more farmers to share pictures and stories about life on the farm on the internet. Yet I live on a farm, have pictures and haven’t done a great job at sharing myself. Let’s see how long this lasts 🙂

The calves are learning to wear a halter and walk with humans. Compliance training for all.
32nd birthday
Happy Birthday to the best turkey farmer we know. When you get this old you celebrate with a big cake and milk 🙂

We kicked off our visit to Joe’s family farm with a delicious birthday cake made by his mom.  In the background you can see some of our stuff.  We are at the stage where packing and unpacking may take as long as the trip.

That’s the youngest brother, looking on as the adults put a long auger back together.
The little farmer climbed a ladder to watch the auger rebuild from the roof. Then one of Joe’s brothers took away his ladder.
Baby princess in a farm shop.  It’s never too soon to learn how to do maintenance work.
First Gator ride
Shut yo mouth boy!


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