I’m really grateful for the opportunity to take some time off of the office job between Christmas and New Years and spend some special time with the Little Farmer.

Replacing the hardware on my kitchen cabinets has been on my mental list for a couple years.  Then BAM it hit me, I searched and found a handle to fit my smaller than standard holes in stock and decided to seize that time off to work on the house.

Cabinets with the original hardware.

In typical OHJenK fashion there wasn’t significant planning behind this project.  I got up, attended a prescheduled lunch at a friend’s house, went to Home Depot and got started with the parts that we had while my helper was napping.

He woke up and I put him to work.

Santa brough the kid scissors and this was an excellent opportunity to use them! There were lots of packages to cut open.

Our friend Ann came over and I put her to work.  She’s in college.  I have friends that believe I look at everyone as my intern.  That’s not true.  She offered to help, I think.  It’s been a couple weeks so the details are a bit shady right now.  I do recall that she wanted to help, whether or not her help was solicited or volunteered is irrelevant at this point.  But, I really love having the help and a friend to share experiences like this with!

Thank you Ann. You've helped us so many times and it is appreciated!

A few days later and a few trips to multiple Home Depot stores to get enough of the correct hinges and handles…..here’s the finished product.

The cabinets look a lot nicer. Now if we just had help to clean 🙂

Handles aside, I’m pretty amazed at what a good cleaning can do.  There were instructions on the wood cleaning product for an occasional cleaning and for a weekly cleaning.  The weekly cabinet cleaning rules didn’t apply to me.  Is that abnormal?

The other side of the kitchen with new hardware!

Disclaimer *I’m not sure that pork was consumed through the duration of this project, but there were multiple conversations with the little farmer about the need to be strong.  Pork is full of protein; protein builds muscle and muscles helped get this done.  I also bought the supplies with my paycheck from the pork council.  Powered by pork…that’s how stuff gets done at our house.

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