In the past month I have painted an upstairs bathroom, had some updates made to it and then I quickly decided to strip wallpaper from the downstairs bathroom and paint it.

I don’t remember the thought process that led to working on the downstairs, but now it’s done.

Before...I actually liked the wallpaper, but it was peeling at the edges and looked a bit aged

During contined...


He didn't seem to understand "thin coat"

The guys who fixed up the first bathroom make countertops.  They gave me an estimate to get a new kitchen countertop, and it was far more reasonable than I expected, so I got that too.

Super ta-dah! The new sink is really high society because it has a special pump for soap!

I love the new countertops, but I also enjoyed leaving those pieces of paper out one morning, leaving for work and returning home with every item checked off the list.  The money was gone too, but why get caught up in details when you can just enjoy the moment and improvements.

My goal was to add a little value to the house, but I really like these updates.  I wish I would’ve been less conservative and invested some money on home improvement sooner.

Full disclosure:  This home improvement was fueled by more than just consuming the necessary protein gained from eating pork.  I had the Little Farmer on the job.  This is the kind of stuff farmers do in the winter, projects in the home that the women in their lives want them to do.

I asked him to look up at the camera and smile.  He said, “I’m too busy stripping wall paper.”





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