Gift Ideas for Farm Families

Finding the right Christmas gift ideas for farmers can be challenging, so our family is sharing gift ideas that might make holiday shopping easier.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Farm Families

As our family grows we are blessed with more tasks.  With the addition of our CEO, we are excited to add birthday party planning to the month of December.  Our strategy to keep the holiday season enjoyable is to do as many tasks, like gift buying, in the month of November as possible.

With tight commodity prices, a growing family and more expenses we are focusing on useful gifts.  We are looking for gifts that will save time, make life easier and keep us safe in hopes that we can enjoy many more holidays together.  Gifts that are assets and maintain value are also high on our list.  Don’t get me wrong there will be a couple toys under our tree, but toys don’t typically last for long or hold value.

Keep Carpet Farming Classy

Our Little Farmer had a lot of fun building his own farm scene this year.  He enjoys building both planting farm toy scenes and harvest farm toy scenes.

We got a large piece of foam board, added small gravel, realistic corn, grass carpet to make fields.  This year he’d like to add a road made of tape and more bales of hay.  Click here to see how to make the hay.

build a farm scene

Keep Little Farmers Busy & Happy

Our Little Farmer uses this cart continuously.  He loves the handle and the hitch.  He hooks it to the mower (without the blades running) to haul leaves, rocks, fire wood and more.  This fits his imagination perfectly.

The Little Farmer loves being a growing part of big farmer activities.  He already has a few tools and a metal toolbox like this would rock his world and be an investment in something he could use for years.

I think it would be fun to make him a chair out of a padded tractor seat.  He would really get a kick out of sitting in that to do his homework.

With a big imagination, everything has the potential to be or sound like a tractor.  Our little guy loved fiddling with all of the settings on this bicycle muffler this summer.

Another option he has enjoyed and used while learning responsibility and safety is this bow and arrow set.

farm kid gift ideas

Keep Going…And Take the Baby Along

We included a Tula baby carrier in our list because it has made bringing our baby along on the farm, to do chores, 4-H meetings, vacation, and pretty well anywhere much easier.  Having the right carrier allowed us all to be together as a family and save money on babysitting.

Last year we got the CEO EM’s ear muffs and we have used them several times.  Sometimes we have to be around loud noises and we want to protect the kid’s hearing while we can!

Everybody should be able to eat bacon and this is as close as we could get for an infant.

Sleep is another essential to happiness.  Our family has decided it might be time to put a sound machine that makes relaxing noises on our farm family gift list.

farm baby gift idea

Look Legit & Be Functional

At the top of our gift list for the Little Farmer who is a second year 4-Her is high quality aluminum showbox.  Last year we used a cheap plastic tote for a pig show box that cracked, and a wooden box that the bottom fell out of.  These show boxes from Weaver Livestock are assets that when well maintained will hold their value for many years.  We know that the premium products from Weaver Livestock will be assets that our baby turkey can use in ten years if she wants to show animals at the fair.  We will also be picking up some new brushes and other small supplies that will make the summer 4-H project work easier.

gift ideas for showing cattle or pigs

Make Work More Efficient & Get That Farmer Home Sooner!

My husband also shared these ideas to make his life easier.  He wants a rechargeable work / camping / emergency light  because problems don’t just happen during the day.

A rear view safety back-up camera.  My in-laws put this on the back of the grain cart to make moving it on the road safer.  It would be bad to make a left turn and realize you didn’t see a vehicle coming up behind you.

Of course my farmer is hot, but when he get’s too hot he gets grumpy, so he found this air conditioning kit to help keep his life cooler.  He was very interested in this more economical version, but didn’t know how well it would work.

Just in case there’s a few fuel pump handles left without an automatic shut off this practical gift will save time, money and stress; an automatic fuel nozzle should do the trick.

Haven’t heard from your farmer in a while?  Make calling from any noisy environment easy with this noise cancelling headset that works wonderfully!  I talk to several farms that use this hands free set while doing about any job on the farm.  Keep in touch and keep getting business done!

gift ideas for farmer

Keep Safe & Have Many More Holidays Together

Too often the same people that skimp on appropriate safety gear also struggle to find gift ideas.  Safety equipment might not be the most exciting gift, but it’s necessary.  If you don’t have it and you are looking for gift ideas look no further.  If you have grain bins you should have a safety harness and ropes.  Don’t over think it.  Order it now.

Guardian Fall Protection has safety bags and buckets that are very handy and contain the supplies you need to have available on the farm.

safety harness

Keep the Farm Woman Moving & Happy!

As a farmer and working mom I love making work that we have to do more fun.  My husband got me an Electra Townie Bicycle a couple years ago that does just that.  Click here for similar bicycle styles.  I’m not sure if it’s the extra wide seat, but it is FUN to ride.  The Little Farmer and I ride bikes (he loved his first John Deere bicycle) to do chores, visit neighbors and have some fun together time.

Here are a few other gifts that I’ve received or are on my list as a woman in agriculture:

Last year I got a nice hair dryer that has saved so much time.  I had no idea how much of my life (and hair) I was wasting with those value store special hair dryers!  Having more time is a gift in itself!

new lens for my camera that has been a fun upgrade to use on my photography hobby.

I absolutely love my mixer .  This mixer makes cooking easier, more fun, and it’s a key component in making these great recipes.

Since a clean house keeps me happier and more relaxed, a hand held vacuum is a handy tool for dirty places like a farm house.  I know, there’s always jokes about getting the woman of the house a vacuum, but you might’ve noticed that we’re practical people.

When we’re further along in paying down farm debt I would love any of these Le Creuset pots and pans.

gift ideas for farm women

What other great gifts would you recommend to farmers and ranchers?

gift ideas for farm people

*We use affiliate links to products that we enjoy to help cover the expenses of promoting agriculture on this blog.  We appreciate Guardian Fall Protection and Weaver Leather and Livestock for providing

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  1. other things for farmers or their wifes while in the field—flashlights that attach to a key ring-or one that fits in your pockets–nice so when you get out in the dark your not falling in the cornstalks!!

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