classic cincinnati food - LaRosa's pizza at a Red's game

Each year we look forward to taking a family trip to Cincinnati and going to a Reds game is always on the list!  Checking out the food at Great American Ballpark or any attraction is a must.  The atmosphere is perfect for a family outing.  We’ve made day trips, but it’s fun to stay overnight when we’re able to.

My husband LOVES the Reds.  My son is in little league baseball and is learning more about sports every year!  When my friend the Food Hussy invited us to a game we were all super excited to go!  The boys wanted to get right to the seats and watch the athletes, but us girls were looking forward to socializing and checking out the food at the Red’s stadium.

Our first stop was at the Montgomery Inn Smokehouse.  Cincinnati is known for several restaurants and the Montgomery Inn is one of them.  I saw a bbq and macaroni bowl and really wanted one, but I didn’t want to buy the first thing that I saw.  Learning Experience number 1, when looking for food at Great American Ballpark, if you see something you REALLY want, then buy it immediately because they may run out.  And run out of the bbq and macaroni bowl is exactly what happens by the second or third inning, depending on the size of the crowd.

My friend picked up the Triple Play Wings.  She took the pig wing and shared the chicken and turkey wings with us.  The meat is high quality and the flavor was excellent!

Montgomery Inn great food and bbq at Great American Ballpark

We kept walking, talking and looking for food.  Here are the must have food items my friend The Food Hussy found.

Since we’re not local to Cincinnati we just couldn’t pass up some classic LaRosa’ pizza or a Queen City Brat.  My son and I loved the pizza!  The Fry Box also had some great options for loaded potatoes with barbecue pork on top.  As farmers, we love seeing so many people excited about eating meat.  I’ve actually had the chance to tour Queen City Sausage and learned that they get their pork from a processing plant where our family sells some pigs, so there’s a chance we raised the pork!  Regardless of whether it came from our farm, there are lots of families like ours that raise food all over the midwest and USA!

Learning experience #2 – when I got the brat and began taking pictures in front of their sign they asked for the brat back and added extra toppings.  My husband really enjoyed that!

la rosas pizza, Queen City sausage in porkopolis at the great American ballpark

My friend searched for a cotton candy cone that looked so fun and the Cheetos popcorn.  Both were unique and delicious!  We walked by a kind lady that let us photograph her Frosé.  And my son really wanted to buy a cup and go through the slushy line, but decided to save these treats for a future trip to the ballpark.

snacks and desserts at the Great American Ballpark

Learning experience #3, games are more fun with friends!  Thanks to my friend Heather for extending kindness and the special invitation!  I enjoyed visiting and just walking around and looking at food options.  And we’ve got some ideas for food to try on our next game.  Here is the Red’s schedule for the rest of the seasons.

We really enjoyed this adventure and special opportunity to check out food at the ballpark.  We’re already looking forward to our next game!

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