feeding the world is a privilege

Farmers like to tout how hard we work and how many challenges we face.  Farming and ranching is tough.  I won’t argue that for one minute, but this week I want to share how much of a privilege every farm picture I took this week is!

We have the luxury and privilege of multiple types of transportation to choose from.

bike to work
Sometimes we bike to work now that we have a sweet used trailer from a friend!

Our son has the privilege of being in 4-H and raising animals.  Sure, it’s work that has decreased the amount of discretionary time and income we have available, but those are investments in his future.  By the time kids have reached 4-H age they are halfway to adulthood.  Being able to complete projects is a wonderful opportunity!

dairy feeder calf break to lead
Still {trying} to teach the baby to lead one of his calves. I mean two calves, two kids, it’s just logical that the baby would step-up and help soon!

I’ve heard cheers many times over when touting, “We feed the world.”  We sacrifice sleep and vacation and more to raise cattle that help make beef…because we choose to.

Seriously, can you even believe this view?  How many people in the world would sacrifice much more than we do just for this view?

feeding the world is a privilege
Feeding cows is feeding the world is a PRIVILEGE
cows eating corn in the pasture
One of the most beautiful scenes that God has made for us to enjoy.
kid in wagon
I put the baby in the Tula, the feed in the wagon behind the mower and made the kid walk. Nonconformist way to feed cattle.

I’m not even going to start on what a privilege it is to get to care for these kiddos for a little while.  I’m just going to hit publish and spend more time being grateful for the opportunities to be a care taker.

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