I spent a few days at the state fair for my job (alone).  The first Saturday of the Ohio State Fair I took the Little Farmer along to help with the pork “Ag is Cool” exhibit for a couple hours.  That kid knows his stuff!  It’s almost like he was born to promote pork and answer questions about farming.  This is the moment when close friends would stand around and voice sarcastic sighs, pretend to be shocked and say, “No way…”

Kid farmer explaining barn
Little Farmer giving guests a barn tour
If only he could focus for more than 15 minutes…

I would open the lids of this barn and ask people if they would like to look inside.  Some people looked, and some people passed.  When the kid started doing this, if people ignored him he began saying, “Hey, hey.”  If that still didn’t catch their attention he said, “HEy, HEY, HEY!!!”

I practically exploded with pride.  It was like a mini-me.

sticker distribution
Passing out stickers by the sow and litter display lasted another 20 minutes.

When he got bored harassing people to look inside the barn he started handing out stickers.  I even caught him playing with a toy tractor that had just left the kid’s hand with my Little Farmer’s help.  As I asked him about it he gave that kid a lot of stickers.

After the state fair was our local fair.  We don’t have a county fair, it’s an independent fair that takes in our county and the fringe of a few others, so it’s a good size.

Pedal Tractor Pulls
Giving it his all at the pedal tractor pull
Fair tractor pulls
Another featured event…Tractor and truck pulls!
Swine pee-wee showmanship
Swine pee-wee showmanship
dairy pee-wee showmanship
First time doing dairy pee-wee showmanship. He did great holding up her head!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our fair season!







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