Did you ever reach a point in life that you previously thought would be great if you could make it that far?  And then you make it and realize you probably weren’t quite as realistic in that vision as you could’ve been?  Or did part of you wonder if you would ever really make it?

That’s where I sit tonight regarding three topics: 1) moving 2) kindergarten 3) a broken recliner

#1 – Yeah, no kidding.  We sold the house and we’re {supposed to be} moving as I type.  Here’s the view from the new back door.

back yard
back yard

#HugeBlessing yep I just hash tagged that about a view with beef cattle.

#3 – My grandma gave me a recliner about 8 years ago, it’s been great until a month ago.  It quit reclining and now I’m kind of sitting down hill or sideways or something.  Typically when my schedule prevents a good shopping trip it’s because I’m too busy working.  This year it’s been because I’m too busy spending money on the new house to have time to spend money on a new recliner.  And if I get a new one, no point in moving it twice right?  I tell you this in case #2 sounds a little off, yeah, it’s because of the chair that’s a little off.

#2 – If I had a dollar for every time someone told me how quickly the time will go with my growing Little Farmer I might’ve been able to plate the front door gold in the new house.  My gut sinks a little when that phrase is said because I can sharply remember so many days when time didn’t go quickly at all.  Just over five years ago I had an infant, was a new widow and had no idea what the future looked like {I mean who really does}?  Time did NOT go fast long enough to remember the feeling.  I had a friend who committed a significant portion of her life to me for three years to come over and help, clean, cook and encourage me in Jesus.  I remember her saying as I shared desperation that life would be so much better when the Little Farmer was four.  He would be able to get dressed, buckle in the car seat and do more to help himself.  She was right!  The growing independence was huge!  Then as I faced challenges she said life will get a little easier when he’s in school.  Life will be all different in a good way then too.

She’s offered pretty solid advice, so I’ve held on to that.  When parenting has been hard, when the kid tried my nerves and acted super needy I thought of that.  The four year milestone made putting one foot in front of the other easier, so I thought I had it in me to get the kid to school age {Even though at kindergarten screening when he met the teachers all he would say is, “School is yucky!”  And he told me on the way home that he didn’t need to go to school at all because he was just going to farm full-time}.

Bet you saw this coming, but we made it!  The Little Farmer packed his lunch tonight, we dropped off school supplies the other day and he appears to have at least a temporary attitude adjustment about public education.

About a week ago when I began to assume that we would make it, the thought crossed my mind, “What’s next?”.  The answer to that is finish packing, buy a refrigerator, move, unpack, take a nap, cook pork, help with homework?, promote pork, take another nap and have a celebration party sometime.  And try to get the Little Farmer on and off the bus legally, apparently there’s a lot of new laws about this.  Pending success in this area and avoidance of imprisonment I look forward to sharing some updates a bit more often.

Here’s my hope – the promise of seeing better times ahead here on earth!

Psalm 27:13 I would’ve despaired if I did not believe that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living

4 thoughts on “Don’t Despair – There is Goodness Ahead!”

  1. You are doing a great job Jennifer! Henry is going to love school. He is a very likeable kid and super smart. The other kids are going to like being around him and the teachers will love him. How can anyone not like to be an environment like that? I can’t wait to hear his stories about school and the bus!

    1. I heard it from James MacDonald on walk in word, 880 am from 7:30 to 8 each morning. I think it’s a NKJ translation. There is always hope for those who believe!

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