Why Should I Go To Church?

why should i go to church

I’ve been offended going to church with my husband.  He’s been offended at the church I used to go to.  We’re not often offended by the messages, it’s typically the people. They say and do some of the darnedest things to unintentionally turn us away.  We could list the wrongs Continue Reading

How To Help a Friend or Family Member Who is Grieving

A tragic loss is difficult in many different ways for many different people.  Of course the loss is most difficult for the people closest to the deceased person. Here are three key ways that you help a grieving person: Prayer – As someone who has suffered loss and experienced God’s Continue Reading

Butterflies – Fighting Hunger & Saving People

I was coerced into going to a Women of Faith weekend event a few years back. My favorite speaker was Andy Andrews, a story teller talking about The Butterfly Effect! Here are the rough notes I typed from the video I’ll share below: Henry Wallace was Vice President under Roosevelt Continue Reading

2013 Christmas Card Life Update – Plans and changes to them for 2013

2013 has been a great year!  I’ve been pretty public about the highlights of the year that were planned:  building a house, selling a house and sending the kid to kindergarten.  But as life turns out some unplanned stuff has happened too. This year I planned to build a house Continue Reading