So many song lyrics, “One more day with you” “In my next thirty years” “If I had it to do all over again, I’d do it all over with you” “Live like you were dying” run through my head on occasion.

I turned thirty this weekend, and I’m grateful to have had friends & family with which to celebrate the milestone!  We made it a little bigger deal than other birthdays.  I recall many friends offering different thoughts as they turn thirty.  I also remember talking to Mark several years back and sharing goals to accomplish by the time we were 30.

So for those of us 30 and above, does or did your life look anything like you thought it would “when you turned 30”.  Mine sure doesn’t.  In a lot of ways it’s far better than I could’ve ever imagined.  Through loosing Mark and really strengthening a relationship with God my life is so much fuller than I could’ve ever imagined.

Back to those song lyrics… Would one more day matter?  The things that I want the Little Farmer to know, he couldn’t pick up in a day.  How to handle on-going situations, how to interact with different people, how to solve problems.  You can’t show up for a day, jump into life and then just leave.  I think we learn the most from people who are there, people who hang around through the long-hauls.

Like a lot of the people at the party.

birthday party
Amazing kid & cake!
bacon cake
Yes – my mom really made two cakes and this was one of them!
straw maze
My brother & sister-in-law thought up and carried out this idea!

straw mazeI think there should be more good wholesome parties in life.  I’m going to work on that in “My next thirty years.”

The sunset on my first thirty years and rose again this morning. Cheers to the future!

7 thoughts on “30”

  1. Welcome to 30! I turned 30 in May and tried to reflect on what I thought my life would be at this point. But to be honest I don’t remember what my plans were. Considering I NEVER even imagined that dairy farming was in my future and didn’t have God in my life I am sure I was way off base anyways. Funny how His plans take over.

    You know now you’re going to have to change your header a little 😉

  2. Welcome to 30! I turned 30 in May (Carrie is two weeks older than me, she is such an old lady). When I was little I remember thinking 30 was old. Funny how that changed! Keep working with that Little Farmer. You are exactly right, our vocations here on Earth never done in one day.

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