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Somebody shared a story about how they reacted to a tragic accident with me this morning at church.  The accident was years ago, but it made an indelible mark on their life.  There’s always a lot that we could do, but let’s focus on what we NEED to do.  Accidents aren’t planned.

supplement in feed grinder

My dad needed to make food for his pigs.

pig feed 4-H

Then the little farmer needed to make a little feed for his little 4-H pigs.

counting round bales

Counting bales. If you think this is tough you should try counting animals…that move!

massey ferguson and hay rake

My dad getting equipment ready for my mom to rake hay.

instructional tractor seat

Some tractors have an extra seat called an instructional seat. Oh how I wish he could’ve ridden longer and received a lot more instruction. Some days he just needs it!