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So many decisions about where to put the pens in an existing barn with walls, a roof and concrete.  “Thank goodness the house was already built when Joe and I met.”  The thought did cross my mind a couple times as our family worked together to make a spiffier place for 4-H pigs and calves to live.

It’s never too soon to learn how to use tools…or provide a spot for them to rest.

Team work makes the dream work. Especially when the dream is still young and people are patient!

Move over calves – the pigs are getting some of this space now.

He seriously said, “I wish I had a self ratcheting thing.”

Assembling the cup waterer and napping.

The Little Farmer changed two shovels. He removed them himself.

He got some help to squeeze the pliers and tap the new shovel on. Team work makes the dream work…especially when you find good people for the team!