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The Turkey Farmer grew up in western Ohio, and he moved to central Ohio after we got married.  His parents have asked that he continue coming to western Ohio to help on the farm in return for the use of their equipment to plant and harvest his crops on his farm.  This is a pretty good deal.

We picked the Little Farmer up from school yesterday and headed west.  Harvest has begun!  The turkey farmers made a big upgrade to this New Holland combine.

new holland combine harvesting corn

New (used) New Holland Combine running corn

Last Christmas the Little Farmer wanted a toy replica of their old combine, I wonder if this purchase is going to affect my pocket book too?

There are computer sensors everywhere on modern farm machines.  Sometimes that can be very helpful to have more information and sometimes, if there’s a glitch it can shut things down unnecessarily.  There was a glitch earlier in the day with a sensor on the transmission, but some good trouble shooting and a couple trips for parts by Mama O, my mother-in-law, and the problem was fixed.

Girl unloading corn

This girl’s got unloading corn under control

By the time we arrived things were running smoothly.  Farmers were farming and it seemed as though everyone else was watching high school football.  We opted to change the tires on my car.

chevy equinox on lift in shop

Our car on the lift in Papa O’s shop

Conveniently for me Papa O, my father-in-law, is a mechanic by trade, so he’s got some cool machines.  The best part, he’s taught his boys how to use them.

Tire remover tool

Tire remover tool helping take the tire off of the rim

tire putter on tool

The same tool can put a new tire back on the rim – with some skilled guidance

Tire weight remover tools

Tire weight remover tools – used for balancing tires – a tool I could use!

tire balancing tool

This spins the tire and determines where weights need to be to balance the tire and make a smoother ride

I’m grateful for access to tools and time to hang out with a multi-talented turkey farming family!