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I recently gave a talk about my career and the pork industry to a class at OSU.  The teacher needed my PowerPoint presentation in the form of a pdf.  Well I tried to convert a PowerPoint into a pdf one time before and it didn’t go well. So, I did the smartest thing I could think of.  I called tech support for help and he didn’t answer.  Then I called my friend in her office and she didn’t answer, then I tried her cell and she still didn’t answer.  Then I started to get frustrated with not only these people for not answering but for pretty much everyone else in the world because I had this problem.

Then I took a deep breath and I had an ah-ha moment.  It occurred to me to try and convert the file on my own.  Funny thing, my newer computer, with newer software did it in a snap.  Like quicker than making the first phone call, not to mention all three phone calls.

Then just now I read my friend’s post on Facebook about completing nursing school and graduating in a few days.  It wasn’t that long ago I remember her sitting on my couch, possibly with tears in her eyes talking about how hard some of her classes were and that it might be easier to quit nursing even though that’s what she really wanted to do and change majors.

My heart was so happy to see her perseverance and success.

Whether you’re like me and assume that something might be too hard to try independently or like my friend and pondering taking the easy way out, I write to you today.

I encourage you to tackle something hard on your list this week.  I encourage you to flex some muscles and apply perseverance smack in the face of intimidation.  God made you strong enough to do it!


perspective is a beautiful thing