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I enjoy a good working relationship with some others with similar jobs, and I have been known to successfully employ unknowing, innocent people to help me promote pork, clean my house, etc.  Let’s be frank, these are mutually beneficial relationships.  However, I tend to get harassed simply for being wise enough ask for help with my work.  Sometimes these bullies will say things like, “I am not your intern, do it yourself.”

To those bullies I write this post.  It’s fine that you don’t want to be a team player anymore, I’m grooming my own 4.5 year old personal assistant at home.

Last Friday night after work I went to my parent’s to fill up their portable air tank.  My well pump has been running more than usual and I remember when this happened before Mark put more air in the pressure tank.

The Little Farmer recently learned to fill the portable air tank when I borrowed it to fill the wheel barrow tire.  So, he wanted to fill it again.  I’m surprised at how quickly he picked up the best angles, where to hold his fingers to make a tight seal and how to watch the gauge.  I told him not to put more than 100 pounds of air in the tank as I went to brush some dirt and kernels of corn out of my car.  He replied, “I just didn’t know air was so heavy.”

When we got home I had to figure out how to get to the pressure tank, locate the drill, bits, etc.  While I did that, the Little Farmer took a bag with a four foot Christmas, dragged it up the stairs and began building it.  I wish I had a picture.  His efforts lately have been amazing.  He was working so diligently to get the each branch pushed all the way down in its slot that he got warm.  So, he just took off his John Deere bibs and kept on working.

Another five year old boy rode with us and asked what was on the floor of our car.  My Little Farmer said, “It’s a crow bar.”  The other kid said, “What’s a crow bar?”  He said, “It’s a long bar with a hook going one way and a bend going the other way.”  How would he know this?  Well he’s been helping me use it on various projects around the farm.

Last night my Little Farmer and I helped some neighbors with their Christmas cards.  He put the cards in the envelopes, and then he carefully placed return address labels on package.  I was planning for us to work on our cards tonight, but my assistant fell asleep on the couch at 7 p.m.  So, I wrote this instead and saved the cards for him to work on tomorrow.