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Preschool is back in session, so the Little Farmer is expected to trace his name twelve times over the course of a week.  He has a few other words to trace and maybe a picture to color to color as well.

My dad got out the disk to prepare the fields to plant wheat.  The disk had a couple springs missing that should be holding on a harrow (smoothing out dirt tool).

working on the disk

The Little Farmer was all over helping fix it.

Working to hook up the small chain to the bottom of the spring

The springs arrived at my parent’s house.  The kid ripped the packing paper out of the boxes and started carrying the parts one or two at a time to the shop.  I watched the first trip through the window.  He knew where the springs went.  He held one up for like a second and a half.  It obviously didn’t go on as easily as he expected, so he put that one down and picked up another identical spring and tried it.  That one didn’t work either.

He made a couple more trips carrying parts from the UPS box at the house to the shop.  Then I gave him a try your best and don’t cry talk and he got it.  Pretty quickly.

He walks with an attitude when he gets confident after doing something, knowing or thinking he knows something.

Confirming that it works

After getting the job done he went back to the house to work on some homework.  My dad asked him if he’d rather work on the disk or homework.  Thanks dad for giving a Little Farmer unhelpful options.

Then my dad held him and helped him with his homework.  I was very grateful for that!

Project complete