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After an intense day of promoting pork for me and playing and/or harassing the child care providers for my Little Farmer we like to go outside.

A couple weeks ago we found this, and he got reintroduced with naturally made mud.  Don’t worry, he’s been carrying water from the house outside to make his own during the drought this summer.

mud puddle

Playing in a mud puddle

He had the most fun getting “stuck in the mud”.  Why has this been a favorite activity for the majority of his life?

Mud puddle with tricycle

“Hey mom come pull me out of the mud (or I’ll throw this at you)”

My mom thought they could take a shovel to this old tree root for an “activity.”  My dad and I drove in and he said, “We should hook the gator to that.”

tree stump removal

Filling in the hole with dirt after a routine tree stump removal

When the gator only pulled up a small rotten edge of the big root my dad said, “Go get the truck.”

tree stump removal

I was driving, and taking pictures of the process wasn’t safe.  My Little Farmer stood back, tensed his whole body, shrieked with absolute joy and jumped and waved for a long while as this little “activity” played out.

He would much rather do stuff like this than his homework 🙂