A couple months ago the Little Farmer and I helped bale a few loads of straw.

straw field

Tractor, baler and loads of straw. Straw is the stalk from wheat and is used for animals to lay on and keep warm in the winter.

That evening he started saying some really funny stuff and I wrote it down.  Like word for word:

Is Santa really good at remembering stuff?

Are you really good at remembering stuff?

Why didn’t you remember to park that wagon on the flat instead on on the hilltop?

Do you understand what I’m saying?

You need to tell papa sorry for parking that on the hilltop instead of on the flat.

And stop unhooking it on hills.

broken wagon

This wagon rolled down the hill, through a fence and made a mess. The standards are the wooden posts on the back that {typically} help keep the load secure.

How will papa get the standards home to work on them?  In the truck?  Or will he put them on the wagon and go slow?

Now it’s not a cow pen {because of the hole in the fence}.  I can tell you that.  It’s a straw field.

*For the official record.  There was a serious storm.  The wind rolled the wagon a couple hundred feet.  I parked where my dad told me to.  The same place I’ve unhooked many different wagons (hay, gravity, silage).

flattened barn

This was in late June.  The storm also blew down this barn, so yeah it could roll a wagon of straw #notmyfault.  The storm also blew a good piece of the roof up on this barn.

Gap in roof

The flattened barn wasn’t being used and it was quite a bit older.  I think it’s interesting how time, nature and people change the landscape.  It makes me think about literal or figurative landscape changes that I contemplate.  The contemplating really only comes when the Little Farmer is sleeping though.  Too much laughing or yelling when he’s awake 🙂