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Thinking back to a work trip this spring I remembered an oddly awkward situation on a plane.  As we began the descent my face started to hurt, like the sinus cavities just under my skin on my face.  I was healthy and emotionally stable.  Weird stepped up to a new level as the discomfort increased and tears started streaming down my face.  Just the right side.  How does your whole face hurt and tears only fall from half?

I’m on a jet plane headed home to Columbus, Ohio from the AgChat Foundation Conference (#ACFC12) in Kansas City Missouri.  I learned, I took some Sudafed before boarding.  But I’ve still had to wipe an occasional tear.  I’m tired but fairly emotionally stable.

This was an excellent conference.  I really value the contacts made and relationships that are built through this meeting.  Attending this meeting last year certainly plays a big role in the blog you’re now reading.  I enjoy learning.  The topics are about technology and telling the story of agriculture on the internet.

I even had the opportunity to help Ryan Goodman & Katie Pinke with a session on blogging.

This year held two excellent surprises…an appearance from the Peterson brothers.


A surprise concert from the Peterson Brothers, singers of the YouTube sensation I’m Farming and I Grow It!

Rewind two days – my best friend in Kansas Jodi, a bunch of #ACFC12 peeps and I had a pre-conference tweet up Wednesday night.  I had gotten up early to travel and was ready for bed about 9p.m. local time.  Jodi wouldn’t let me leave.  I hung in for a while, then I got a bit angry.  I was actually in the middle of verbally assulting Jodi around 10:30p.m. when her eyes lit up and she motioned for me to turn around.

The surprise dearest to me, an appearance from my best friend in Oklahoma, Brooke.  She also had an incredibly long day at her legitimate job when she drove 5.5 hours in traffic to hang out for a little while.  Yeah, I think that’s serious commitment to a lifelong friendship.  I felt so many emotions well up inside of me at that bar that I suppressed, and I wonder as I sit here (on the plane) completely calm if they’re just now coming out in the form of tears.  It’s amazing what sinus pressure and a couple doses of legally restricted decongestant will do to somebody.


Brooke & Jodi

Somehow we missed getting a pic all together.


Me and Jodi