Has your house ever been (is) so messy that you don’t know where to start because you know a solid two to four hours of work will make no difference?  Yeah, me too.  The most recent time I’ve been affected by this incident is well, right now.

farm toys in living room

The Little Farmer working feverishly in his field.

I’m washing dishes, the Little Farmer came out of the field long enough to eat and harass me.

messy kitchen

The head of the household giving orders and squeezing in a snack of grapes.

He had eaten some noodles and shredded cheese on the counter.  He handed me his bowl, and he said, “Wash this so you don’t get bored.”

I’m speechless.

He has a very managerial tone that was in full force when he followed up with, “And you can wash this fork too.”

Now he’s sitting on the couch playing with my ipod while I use Sony tech support chat to learn that my camera wasn’t really broken, someone had changed the mode.